Teen Superstar Nicole Nagrani Takes The Bikini Championship

Nicole Nagrani adds to her growing collection of titles in Las Vegas.

In a surprising turn of events last year's Bikini Olympia champion, Sonia Gonzales, was bumped out of the top spot and ended up taking fifth place.

In a not-so surprising turn of events, Nicole Nagrani picked up another title to add to her growing collection after her Arnold win earlier this year. The title looked like it could have easily gone to favorite Nathalia Melo but it just wasn't in the cards for her this year.

The 1st callout:

  • Jaime Baird
  • Dianna Dalhgren
  • Sonia Gonzales
  • Nathalia Melo
  • Nicole Nagrani
  • Alison Rosen

2nd callout:

  • India Paulino
  • Juliana Daniell
  • Abigail Burrows
  • Justine Munro
  • Dianna Graham
  • Natalie Pennington

3rd callout:

  • Christina Vargas
  • Vanessa Prebyl
  • Christina Vujnich
  • Jennifer Andrews
  • Dina Al-Sabah

4th callout:

  • Barbara Bollete
  • Vanessa Campbell
  • Missy Coles
  • Jenny Drennan
  • Kelly Gonzales

Top 6:

  • 6th: India Paulino
  • 5th: Sonia Gonzales
  • 4th: Jaime Baird
  • 3rd: Dianna Dahlgren
  • 2nd: Nathalia Melo
  • 1st: Nicole Nagrani

There can be only one winner, but they all seem pleased with top six.
There can be only one winner, but they
all seem pleased with top six.

Now that she has an Arnold and an Olympia title under her belt, the sky is the limit for Nicole Nagrani. Who knows what she'll accomplish once she actually turns 20 next month!

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