Clash Of The Iron Maidens: Can Iris Kyle Be Beaten?

Guns, glutes, and glamour: Ms. Olympia is meant to be the total pro package, but which bodybuilding vixen will make the delivery? Learn more!

Let's hear it for the strong women of Ms. Olympia, the original 'girls with guns.'

This morning at the prejudging, it was apparent that these ladies took notes from Iris Kyle and came to the competition ready to unseat the champ. There was a noticeable difference in almost every competitor's conditioning. It seems that striated glutes and defined hamstrings have become the must-have accessory this season.

The competitors to watch out for are seasoned veterans Alina Popa, Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia, and Debi Laszewski. They are hungry for that Olympia title and ready to step out from behind Iris Kyle's imposing shadow.

Last year's fourth place winner, Sheila Bleck, is not expected to place in the top five this year. Her symmetry and muscularity have improved, but her conditioning was off, especially in the hamstrings and glutes. They were good but not great.

Fan-favorite Cathy LeFrancois was off her game today. She seemed to disappear against the stronger, taller, more muscular physiques. Sadly, she got lost in the shuffle.

As for the callouts:

1st callout:

  • Brigita Brezovac
  • Iris Kyle
  • Debi Laszewski
  • Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia
  • Alina Popa

2nd callout:

  • Nicole Ball
  • Sheila Bleck
  • Monique Jones
  • Tina Chandler
  • Kim Buck
  • Kim Perez

3rd callout:

  • Dayana Cadeau
  • Heather Foster
  • Cathy LeFrancois
  • Mah Ann Mendoza
  • Helle Nielsen
  • Skadi Frei-Seifert

Can the formidable Iris Kyle be taken down this year? It might be possible.

Tune into the webcast and see what happens tonight!

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