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Iris Kyle Keeps Her Title, Winning In Resounding Fashion

The burning question: Could Iris Kyle be beaten? The answer: A resounding no.

Ms. Kyle swept the competition at tonight's Olympia finals, leaving the others in her dust. Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia put up a fight, but when it comes down to width and quad separation, there is no beating Iris.

She is the champion, now, and, perhaps, until she decides to hang up her trunks.

The big surprise tonight was Alina Popa's descent in the ranks from this morning. She seemed to be a prime contender for the top 3 but fell short, landing in 5th place.

The callouts were as follows:

1st callout:

2nd callout:

3rd callout:

4th callout:

There was also a special 5th callout in order to recognize Dayana Cadeau and Mah Mendoza who took the Olympia stage for the last time tonight ending 21 years of competition.

The Top 6:

As long as Iris is competing it's going to be a tough road for any competitor looking to take that trophy home with them.

As long as Iris is competing she'll always be on top.

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