Adela Garcia Wins Her 6th Consecutive Fitness Olympia

It was déjà vu all over again…and again as Adela won the title.

The Fitness Olympia title was Adela Garcia's to lose. Still, it's a good thing she arrived with her excellent physique and a strong routine, because she needed both to keep her in the top spot.

Superwoman Tanji Johnson put up a hell of a fight but fell short of the title, ending up as the runner up to Adela. As the saying goes, always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

However, with Tanji, you can never say never. Wait till next year.

Oddly, crowd favorite Oksana Grishina chose not to outdo her performance from last year's Olympia by repeating the routine. Bethany Cisternino, meanwhile, shined by performing a scaled-back routine that focused more on athleticism than flashy costumes and music.

Myriam Capes was genuinely moved by her third-place finish, which reminds us all what an amazing accomplishment it is to grace the Olympia stage.

The callouts were:

1st callout:

  • Myriam Capes
  • Bethany Cisternino
  • Tina Durkin
  • Adela Garcia
  • Tanji Johnson

2nd callout:

  • Michelle Blank
  • Nicole Duncan
  • Oksana Grishina
  • Camala Rodriguez

3rd callout:

  • Jodi Boam
  • Regiane Da Silva
  • Diana Monteiro
  • Kizzy Vaines

Top 6 Awards:

  • 6th: Michelle Blank
  • 5th: Oksana Grishina
  • 4th: Tina Durkin
  • 3rd: Myriam Capes
  • 2nd: Tanji Johnson
  • 1st: Adela Garcia
Can anyone bring Adela down? Not this year at least.
Can anyone bring Adela down? Not this year at least.

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