Face Off Of The Figure Champs: Can Erin Stern Hold Her Title?

Figure Olympia is getting fiery! The physique princesses have fought their first round, but which 'figure fatale' will win First? Find out here!

There's a healthy amount of competition at the Figure Olympia, and based this morning's prejudging round, defending champion Erin Stern is going to be given a run for her money. The competitors shone brighter than the peace signs on Larissa Reis's posing suit. Stern was in great form, there's no doubt about that, but Nicole Wilkins came to Vegas in top shape, if not her best ever. She's a strong competitor looking to reclaim her title.

Also of note is the enigmatic Ava Cowan, making her Olympia debut and definitely not fading into the background. She displayed the tight physique that has made her famous, and you should expect to see her in the Top 5.

Now, on to the callouts:

1st callout:

  • Teresa Anthony
  • Ava Cowan
  • Alicia Harris
  • Erin Stern
  • Nicole Wilkins

2nd callout:

  • Teresa Anthony
  • Alicia Harris
  • Cheryl Brown
  • Candice Keene
  • Latisha Wilder

3rd callout:

  • Larissa Reis
  • Gennifer Strobo
  • Jelena Abbou
  • Heather Dees
  • Chelsey Morgenstern

4th callout:

  • Felicia Romero
  • Alea Suarez
  • Deena Walsh
  • Jami DeBernard
  • Candice John

5th callout:

  • Krissy Chin
  • Ella Horton
  • Michele Mayberry
  • Kristen Nagrani
  • Ann Titone
  • Monica Specking

6th callout:

  • Holly Beck
  • Raechelle Chase
  • Darlene Escano
  • Natalie Waples
  • Courtney West

The question is, between Erin Stern and Nicole Wilkins, who wants it more? They are both amazing competitors and it could go either way.

It will all be decided at the Finals tomorrow night.

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