I Need A 16-Week Contest Plan! Help?

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I Need A 16 Week Contest Plan! Can You Help?

Just wondering if you have a contest plan. For example, a plan from say 16 weeks out through until competition day. I am bit confused, and need some advice. Can you help?

Yeah, bro I sure do have a plan. I have been dieting year round but starting January 1st, which is 20 weeks out from my 1st show in 2003, I will tighten the noose. I am preparing for the 2003 Southern Classic, which is a big regional competition held in Jackson, Mississippi.

Plan: To consume 300 grams of Protein and 3 pounds of fibrous vegetables for 3 days (Down Days), then 800 grams (Up Days) of carbohydrates from Gatorade or PowerAde on the fourth day to keep my muscles full and round. I will do this for 1 solid month no matter what. I will make adjustments from there but this is my 2003 "breakout plan".

I also have a detailed method of sodium loading then depleting while potassium loading all revolving around manipulation of my water intake. This process is deep and will be given in one of my journals this year. I plan to play around with the "peak" this year. Also, messing around with potassium is dangerous so I never really advocate anyone try this unless they know that they can handle it. Too much or too little will result in cardiac arrest. Be careful & good luck.