Do You Know Of A Diet That Will Help Me In A Figure Contest And What Are The Height Classes?

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Do You Know Of A Diet That Will Help Me In A Figure Contest And What Are The Height Classes?

Hey I am getting ready to compete in a figure contest this summer and I need a diet, can you help? Also what are the height classes?

Thanks! R.L.

This girl sent me a list of food preference via a later e-mail and I was able to assist her thoroughly, read on!

You were on the right track by consuming 6 meals or more per day. Good Job! I fixed you up a little bit while trying to incorporate your food preferences.

The schedule:

7:30AM Breakfast

      5 Egg whites = 20gms of Protein (Pro)

      With Grits or oatmeal as long as it is about 25-35gms of carbohydrates (CHO)


2 slices of toast (white or wheat) with a ½ tablespoonful of PB = 4gms of Fat
With 5 Egg whites = 20gms of Pro or a protein shake with 20-30gms of Pro.


1 small to med size Fruit (Apple, Orange, Banana, peach, etc…) With 5 Egg whites = 20gms of Pro or a protein shake with 20-30gms of Pro.

9:30-10:00 Snack

      2 graham crackers or granola bar

    * This is fine just try to add some type of protein in here like 3-4 egg whites (you brought them from home) or a protein drink of Soy or Whey that has about 15-25gms Pro

12:00 Lunch

      Either a turkey burger or tuna with crackers

    *This is fine also just try to get them to cook out all of the fat in the turkey burger and watch what you are adding to the tuna &/or burger! Fibrous vegetables are fine but condiments can break you!

2:00-4:00 Protein Shake!

    Fine if the ratios are like 20-30gms Pro and 30 or so Gms of CHO. If the protein drink had carbs in it leave the muffin on the shelf or buy for after your training session. If not i.e. you are buying this drink from a gym then buy your own powders and make you drinks. Keep the powder at work or in your car or in an empty shake container so you can just add H2O. Buy or order Soy or Whey and Gatorade or Powerade in the powder. You should have no trouble finding this on the website superstore!

5:30-7:30 Workout

    After your workout drink a protein shake! Have this right after you train too! Use the same recommendation that I made for your pre workout meal.

8:00 Supper/Dinner

      Chicken Breast

      Some type of vegetable

    Try to get a big intake of fibrous vegetables here i.e. broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, green bean, spinach, etc… But take in a little starch too like a VERY small potato or 1 slice of bread or grits/oats, or a small granola bar, etc… as long as it is about 20-40gms of CHO.

Other recommendations:

  • Keep slamming the H2O back too!
  • If you get hungry b/t @ other times have your chex mix, or a small fruit or veg or I would have a fibrous vegetable. But put a little bit of protein in too even if it is only 15 grams you have to put this in.
  • For lunch a Sandwich or Salad is fine as long as you have a lean protein source with it and the bread is not huge like a Po-boy.
  • For if your family has dinner together eat items like spaghetti, soup, beef stew, etc… but you're a big girl use your judgment you know if you should not have something. I would take in a big serving of fibrous vegetables here!
  • I know you like: PB- fine but in very small servings like ½ Tablespoon, chicken good use white meat, tuna great watch what you add to it, great bake it or grill it- fish, soy milk okay but watch the carb content this would be good for breakfast if you are mix a carb free protein with it, any vegetable and fruits-great but watch the sizes these little things are powerful & packed with carbs.

I want you to stay healthy. Figure girls are not supposed to be striated! They are fine, & sexy w/muscular development in all the right places. Try this out for 2 weeks and see how you feel. If you feel good and think that changes are taking place stick with it. If not, reassess from there and decide if you need to pull or add calories.

Here are the Figure classes:

      Short -up to and including 5'3"

      Medium- over 5'3" to and including 5'5"

    Tall- over 5'5"

Good Luck!