Can't Fully Lose My Saggy Chest Or 'Man Tits'!

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Can't Fully Lose My Saggy Chest or "Man Tits"!

My name is BDT. I am 5'7" and I weigh around 170 pounds. I used to way over 320 and I would like some advice to get more cut then I am. Since I was so big and short I used to have what they called "man titties"... a sagging chest. Now, the top of my chest is good but the sides where they used to sag are still undeveloped. From the nipple to the sides of my chest still sag some. Any advice to help me get a real man's chest? Also I have a little overhang on my abs, any way to get rid of this. Or do I just have to keep losing weight?

This is an interesting question and it concerns loose skin. Often times when a really overweight individual loses a significant amount of weight they have loose skin issues. Here are the facts about looses skin.

Well Mr. BDT, I feel your pain. I have to be honest and tell you that because you did weigh over 320 you may have a permanent problem on your hands. He are the facts. Skin does have a great ability concerning elasticity, but if you loose a great deal of weight, are older in age, and/or do not replace the loose space with muscle then cosmetic surgery may be the only way to go. Skin can re-elasticate to a great degree it really is a remarkable phenomena, but in your case you would have to build a huge chest and lats type of frame to assist the body in tightening the skin. This may be possible depending on how severe your case is.

Thiomucase is a skin tightening/wrinkle removing cream that many bodybuilders use when they are dieted down. I personally use this cream on my trouble areas and have seen good results. I have seen great results from it on other bodybuilders as well. Most use it on their glutes and abdominal area, but there are some bodybuilders (I think that Skip La Cour does) that use it on their entire body. I am sure that you would see the same results. The down side is that the cream can become expensive and once you stop using it the results tend to vanish. That is why it is a seasonal bodybuilding enhancement. Bodybuilders gain up to 80 pounds in their off season really stretching out the skin and manage to return to the stage in less than a year with striated glutes and shredded abdominals. The stuff works! I also believe that the professional bodybuilders get further assistance from their contest "goodie bag," if you know what I mean.

I am not advocating using steroids or thiomucase I am just giving you the facts here. As far as surgery, well I am not advocating that either but it will work. If you want to have the chest that you desire this will correct your loose skin problem. BUT! Before jumping into the yellow pages and price out the cosmetic surgeons in your area I would go another route. I would begin to really concentrate on my chest and lats. I would target train these areas in attempt to fill up the loose skin. It is a displacement problem in a way. You lost fat and now you need to replace it with muscle. Try using the thiomucase in conjunction with a target-training regimen until you get the results that you seek. Reassess in a year and if you have made some improvements give it another. If all else fails then you may be a prime candidate for surgery. Good luck, congratulations on your weight loss, have faith in your methods, and train hard!