Amy Peters: Hot & Sexy Hard Body!

Amy is getting ready for the upcoming New York Pro Figure competition and took out some time from prepping to talk to readers again, so let's find out what this hard figure is up to?

Amy Peters is a kick-ass good-looking figure competitor and one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the fitness industry. Amy packs 110 pounds of tight sleek muscle on a 5'2" from with blue eyes and blonde hair. Seen that before? No you haven't. Not like this.

Amy Peters is what the now figure competition is turning out, and it's fantastic. I know, most of you that know me I like the hard bodies of female bodybuilders, hell I'm married to one, but I'm here to tell you the figure and fitness girls are just as hard, hot and sexy just smaller versions. That's a good thing too.

Amy is getting ready for the upcoming New York Pro Figure competition and took out some time from prepping to talk to readers again, so let's find out what this hard figure is up to?

Contest History:

  • 2004 NPC Jr. Nationals Figure Class A-9th Place
  • 2003 NPC National Figure Championships class A 10th Place
  • 2003 NPC Texas State Championships Figure Short 2nd Place
  • 2003 NPC Ronnie Coleman Classic Figure Short 1st Place
  • 2002 NPC Heart of Texas Figure Short 1st and Overall Winner
  • 2002 NPC Ronnie Coleman Classic Figure Short 2nd Place
  • August 6 - 7. Competing at the Figure Nationals. New York, NY

[ Q ] Amy are you ready to give us an update on your adventures in the world of figure competition?

AP: Bring on the questions on the life and fitness adventures of me, Amy Peters!

[ Q ] I saw you and another girl in an Ironman Magazine in the hot shots section, you looked great. Did you just get done doing a show?

AP: No, I hadn't competed since last August, and wasn't yet preparing for this years Jr. Nationals. I stay lean, and close to competition shape year round.

[ Q ] That's a good thing. It helps get more work. How long have you been competing?

AP: This is my 3rd year competing. 2nd year at the national level.

[ Q ] You've come a long way in short time. Where do you live & train?

AP: Lewisville, TX

[ Q ] I love Texas. Did you grow up in Lewisville?

AP: No, I grew up in Arlington, TX.

[ Q ] That's Ronnie Coleman country. So what did you do back in high school? Any sports?

AP: I never played sports of any kind growing up. I don't really like sports. I'd say I'm very athletically challenged.

[ Q ] Ok, but that's hard to believe. Did you go to college?

AP: I went to Texas Woman's University. I graduated with a BS in Nutrition.

[ Q ] Speaking of nutrition. How's the dieting and prep going for figure nationals?

AP: Prep is going great for Figure Nationals. I feel I'm right on track. I feel good, just a little tired.

[ Q ] That's common. Are you doing anything different from your last show that you are doing now?

AP: I plan on going to Figure Nationals in the same condition that I was in at Jr. Nationals. I feel it was my best condition ever. I do plan on changing my suits, different cut and colors for both the 1pc and 2pc suits.

[ Q ] Ok Amy, what happens if you get your pro card?

AP: I will cry my eyes out, and jump for joy!

[ Q ] Any changes in life expected?

AP: No life changes expected if I get my pro card. I will still be me! It won't change, nor do I want it to. It is just something I want badly for myself, a huge accomplishment!

[ Q ] What got you started in figure competition?

AP: As a little girl I used to read my moms Muscle and Fitness magazines and admire Cory Everson and Ericca Kern's phsyiques. When I got to college I really wanted to compete, but my intense fear of stage fright kept me from doing it.

Then, 3 years ago I started doing contest prep for Fitness, Figure and Bodybuilders. When I was working with my first fitness client, she suggested I do figure. I had read about Figure in one of the first issues of Oxygen magazine and knew it would suit me better than bodybuilding or fitness.

My client as well as friends and family urged me to compete and give it a shot. I had always wanted to do it for myself, and also needed to do it so I could fully understand how to get someone ready for a contest. I had a great first contest experience and decided I loved it. So here I am 3 years later at the National level.

[ Q ] Do you have a personal training business?

AP: No, I am not a personal trainer. I have a Biomechanics of Resistance Training certification, but I do not train people. I am a nutritionist for Larry North Fitness and I do nutrition consulting through my web site and for local competitors.

[ Q ] Well that's better then training people. Diets are hard, and to find someone who knows there stuff is even harder. Where do you train?

AP: I train at 24hr Fitness on the weekends, and I do cardio there in the mornings. I train in the afternoons during the week, at Larry North Fitness, 1 of the 4 locations I'm working out of that day.

[ Q ] Are there other competitors in the gym too?

AP: There is 1 or 2 local competitors at 24 hr Fitness, and another competitor at one of the Larry North Fitness locations.

[ Q ] Ok, got to ask. You don't like sports, you live in TX, you got to love football, that's a national past time down there.

AP: No, I do not like football, at all. I don't really like any sports, and football is probably my least favorite. I do love the idea of eating pizza, chips and dip, and other yummy treats people eat while watching football and other sports. And I know when football season starts that fall is around the corner, and that is my favorite season.

I do love to watch the Summer Olympics, and I love watching Fitness, Figure and Bodybuilding.

[ Q ] I'm bummed, you know you are talking to a football freak. So you had stage fright? Yes it can be intimidating standing up there in front of 1,000's in a bikini. But you're ok with it now though, right?

AP: No, I'm still not ok with getting onstage. I am not sure if I will ever fully get over my stage fright, no matter how many times I get onstage. It is something I try very hard to work on. And hope to eventually overcome. Once I've gone through both rounds at a contest, I can then say, wow that wasn't too bad, or that was fun.

[ Q ] How would you help someone else who wants to compete but is a little scared to do it? What would you say to get them over that fear?

AP: I would tell them my experiences, my fears and also my accomplishments and the joy I've gotten from competing. As much as I fear the stage, I also love it at the same time. I enjoy the whole experience of getting ready for a show. And I know that anyone I work with to get them ready for a show would feel the same way.

As long as your fully prepared to compete, meaning you've dieted correctly, you've trained hard, practiced your quarter turns, walked in your shoes, picked out the best suits for your physique, applied your tan and makeup appropriately, then your ready to get onstage. Practice and just doing it is the only way to deal with stage fright and possibly over come it.

[ Q ] Right on girl, that was perfect! What are your plans after the nationals?

AP: I plan on going out in New York, to eat first and then go to a club to dance the night away. Then I want to catch up on some much-needed sleep. And this year I want to re-design my web site and finish my cookbook. I will have plenty of time to finish these 2 projects once this show is over.

CS: Cookbook? The girl can cook too, and where not just talking struting on stage. Thanks amy and good luck in new york.

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