An Interview With NPC Bodybuilder & Pastor Candy Canary.

Special, is how I describe Candy Canary. She is a lot more than a classy female bodybuilder she is also a pastor. Learn more about her background, what she does as a pastor, how it effects her training and much more.

NPC Bodybuilder & Much, Much More!

Special, is how I describe Candy Canary. She is a lot more than a classy female bodybuilder she is also a pastor. Now that's a Church I'd like to be a member of. Candy Canary was born in Oklahoma City on September 10, 1974. In high school, she ran track and cross-country.

After high school Candy joined the Air Force as a flight medic and became an Air Force Reserve Recruiter. As a recruiter Candy won the highest award, Century Club Member, her first year in recruiting.

Her accomplishments were recognized by the Air Force's Headquarters for her innovative ideas, high-degree of self-initiative and confidence, which set the standard for other recruiters to emulate. She was awarded The Air Force Commendation Medal for Meritorious Service. After retiring from the Air force the Lord recruited her for his services.

We caught up with Candy in-between training for upcoming NPC National events and her demanding missionary work.

[ Q ] Candy where do you live?

    Tulsa, OK.

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Candy Canary.

[ Q ] Where did you grow up?

    I graduated from Guthrie High School in 1992. (Guthrie Ok.)

[ Q ] Did you do any sports in high school?

    I ran track and cross country in high school. During track season I ran the mile, quarter mile and was a leg on the relay team. During cross-country, I switched gears and ran distance. We often ran five miles a day and ran hills for endurance. We had a tough coach, Coach Tarter.

[ Q ] You joined the military. Tell us about that.

    I originally joined as a favor to my dad. You see, I am my father's only child and he desperately wanted a boy. And since he got me, I decided to give something back to him. I accomplished this by following him and my Pa Pa's (my grandfather) footsteps, and joined the Air Force.

    The day after high school graduation I was in boot camp. I quickly went from a teen to a mature, self confident, strong woman in a matter of six weeks.

    I have lived in a variety of places and traveled all over the world. I originally was trained as a medic for the Air Force but then cross-trained about five years later and became an Air Force Reserve Recruiter.

    All in all, I served my country 14 years. I was medically discharged in 2003 due to injuries resulting from a car accident. I retired as an E-6 (Technical Sergeant). My over all experience with the Air Force was wonderful. I am proud to be a veteran!

[ Q ] Did you go to college? Where?

    In 1992, I went to medial school with the Air Force. I graduated from School of Aerospace Medicine, in San Antonio, Texas.

    In 1994, I attended Rose State College in Midwest City, OK. I majored in pre-nursing but never finished past my first year.

    In 1999, I cross-trained with the Air Force. I graduated from Air Force Reserve Recruiting School in San Antonio, Texas.

    And in 2004, I went to ministry school. I graduated from School of the Local Church (apart of Grace Fellowship Church) in Tulsa, Ok.

[ Q ] What's your nationality?

    This is an often asked question. I am Native American, half Cherokee Indian.

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Candy Canary.

[ Q ] Are you married?

    Yes, for the last three years. I am married to Dr. Rick Bewley. He is a chiropractor.

[ Q ] When did you get into bodybuilding?

    I did my first show in 2004. I competed in the Lonestar Classic. I took home last place. I was one of three girls in the heavy weight division. I knew nothing about dieting or water depletion... and my placing reflected that. It definitely was an eye opener for me.

[ Q ] Do you train by yourself or do you have a partner?

    I train with a young man named Blake Brownlee. He is twenty years old. He keeps me on my toes. Together, we push each other and have a great time in the gym. He is very special to me.

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Candy Canary.

[ Q ] Where do you train?

    Sky Fitness, in Tulsa.

[ Q ] What was your first show? Tell us about your experience?

    See above.

[ Q ] How long do you plan on competing?

    Well, until either the Lord calls me to stop or until I see I am unable to go any higher... due to politics or if I discover I am not big enough to place well. I plan on taking care of my body and being healthy. Everything is a trade off and some things are just not worth doing for a trophy.

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Candy Canary.

[ Q ] Now is when we get interesting. Tell us about your calling? A Pastor.

    Interesting, yes... indeed! I knew at an early age, I was called into the five-fold ministry. I just did not know when it would occur. I was saved at the age of eleven and have always walked close to the Lord. My life has been full of blessings and riches that are immeasurable.

    During my lifetime, I have made lots of mistakes but I was quick to recognize them and ask for forgiveness. I learned early to forgive myself for stupid mistakes. I also learned no one would ever love or care for me the way Jesus Christ loves and cares for me. And in that truth, there is a lot of freedom!

    I see every day as a blessing from our Creator. I strive to be a better person, mom, wife, pastor, and/or friend every day. You know that old saying, someone's always watching... well that is truer than most of us realize.

    I live my life in the spot light. And I desire to be a positive role model for those who see me. I sometimes am stretched very thin... but I enjoy helping others in any way I can. And by doing so, I usually find that I am more blessed than the person I am helping.

[ Q ] That's special. You do many missions too. What was your last one?

    I just got home from Israel a few weeks ago. And what a blessing for me! I was a guest speaker at a few churches there. You see, I am known all around the world due to me being a female bodybuilding pastor. I am a pioneer. I am called to share Christ's Gospel to millions of people and my God given physique has opened doors for me to do that.

    Some people are shocked and disagree on how I share Gods Word... but I simply say, God called me to do what I am doing... and at the end of my life, I will ONLY answer to Him. Only God knows a man's heart and intentions. I hear from God and I am obedient in what he has asked of me to do for him. And basically, if we all did just that, we would be effective in helping so many people who desperate it.

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Candy Canary.

[ Q ] Does this interfere with your training?

    Yes, on the mission field, I am unable to eat properly. I find it difficult to find the meat and/or eat the amounts of meat I need in order to hold my body size. When I am out of the USA, I don't train at all. I am constant working in churches and/or building relationships with people.

    My schedule quickly becomes all out of whack and most of the time I am sleep deprived. These international trips are not a vacation trip for me... I work, back packing and living in less than great accommodations. And all of this is to utilize the most out of my time so that I am able to share the power of Jesus Christ's testimony with others.

    On my last few trips, which were back to back, I lost over 30 pounds of muscle. Yet, I know the Lord will give it back to me plus some. And I am working on that now. As of today, I am weighing 170 pounds.

[ Q ] What's in store for you in 2007?

    Well, in competitions, I am competing in the 2007 USA's. And maybe the North American, if I don't pick up a win at the USA's.

    As for mission work, I am traveling to Congo, Africa in September. And in November, I will be traveling back to Thailand and China.

    I also will be traveling with the Power Team. I just accepted a position with them. I will be doing a crusade with them at least once a month.

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Candy Canary.

[ Q ] How do you train? Give us a short workout for the week. And of course your favorite workout.

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Candy Canary.


That is definitely the Lords strength there. If anyone would like to get a hold of Candy her email is: and she is also at these web sites: