Become A Freak - Eat Extensive Loads Of Food!

If you want to gain weight, you have to eat! If you want to get past those tags of being a hard gainer then keep reading. I've put together some eating tips on helping you achieve mass gains. Get started... right here!

You're reading this because you are one of many who are trying to get answers. The answers to putting on weight (quality weight and size). Well, it's right in front of you. EAT! I can't tell you any simpler. You need to eat more quality foods and lots of protein. But, like most things in life, it takes hard work, dedication and intensity to eat the amount of food you need to get lean, strong and add size.

So if you're looking for that quick fix answer, listen to some wannabe small personal trainer who thinks they know what it takes to get big. But, if you want to get past those tags of being a hard gainer and want the facts then keep reading.

Becoming A Freak

If you want to gain weight, you have to eat with the same intensity as you train. Just how important are your meals to gain? Let me put it to you this way. If you don't eat and pound down the protein you might as well forget about lifting all together. Eating is important to gain quality mass.

When I went off to college, I was a 200-pound linebacker, but because of injuries on the team I was asked to play offensive guard.

I started lifting weights with my Hawaiian roommates and we ate big meals at every sitting. At season's end I was 215 lbs. My bench press and squat increased as well. Now, how many football players do you know who gain weight during the season? We lifted weights, played football and ate buckets of food. Oh yeah, went to school somewhere in there. Simple stuff, Hugh?

Barbell Bench Press - Medium Grip

You have to grasp that body building nutrition has certain guidelines, but if you are a serious bodybuilder, you will apply them to your own needs. Gaining weight is work, just like dieting is. I've met many bodybuilders that have a problem gaining weight and quality size in the off-season.

My wife was that way. Why? Well, it's hard. Just like competition dieting takes dedication and focus so does gaining off-season bulk. First, just like you should be planning your workouts and writing them down in your journal; so should you be planning out your meals. So, sit down, grab a pad and pen, and write down a meal plan schedule.

Every 3 Hour Plan

A plan that you can stay with. You need to try and get at least six meals in, every single day. Or, basically, to play it safe, you must eat every 3 hours. Period! Some say eat only during the time you are awake. I say, yeah right and miss a window of opportunity to get BIG. I don't think so.

Set the alarm to get up in the middle of your sleep time and take in a protein shake. Yes, rest is probably the next most important item in gaining size after training and eating but either do what I'm telling you or miss an opportunity for growth. Stay on an eating schedule and try and never deviate from it.

Why so strict? Well, if you eat everyday at 6 a.m., right after a.m. cardio, then you miss that meal, you're body will start to cannibalize your hard-earned muscles. Again, as stated about taking large amounts of protein and eating in the middle of the night some so-called experts will tell you not to do those things, and I say, yeah that's why you're small. During sleep, your body is essentially starving and cannibalizing muscle. So feed it.


Now that you grasped the importance of eating every 3 hours let's talk about protein, calories, and fat. Now, that's where your supplements come in.


Your bulking diet should be high protein, moderate carbs, and moderate fat. Always maintain 2g protein per pound of bodyweight.

I am a firm believer and so is the science that built Team Biohazard products that high protein diets are best for growth. Protein is the most important element in muscle development and getting the right amount of amino acids in the lymph is important - be sure to take in protein with every meal.

Have you heard this before? If you are eating 200g a protein a day and then go to 400g how is your body going to be able to metabolize it? It'll probably crap half of it out. You heard that before haven't you? Well, again, that's why they're small. I am 5'9" 280 pounds and eat combined with shakes 500 grams of protein a day. Yep! And I'm not on the toilet every three hours either. Like some so-called experts proclaim.


Now, let's look at calories. I would gradually increase calories a week. It is hard to eat so much food so you better take your time, and eat in small increments. Build up gradually. Everyone asks this: what should I eat? What "kinds" of food should I eat? Well, damn, let's see. How about pizza, ice cream, and cakes. That should do it.

Come on, use your common sense, oh yeah; most people don't have any common sense. People want results but don't do what they really need to do. They ask you questions but brush your answers off because they are not what they want to hear. I always get asked what is that exercise you're doing? What's it for? I've never seen that before what is it for?

Or, my favorite: how do I get my bench bigger? Then I ask myself:

"Why the hell did you ask me if you're not going to do what I told you?"

In bodybuilding or a sport like football it takes time be successful, to find out what works and what doesn't. But, you have to push that time envelope into your timetable not the world's timetable.

Now back to our food. There are a lot of good choices. My preference for protein is lean beef, turkey and chicken. But I also eat a ton of eggs and some fish on occasion. I also happen to depend on protein powders. Get most of your protein from whole foods first and use supplements for the rest, as it is hard to slam all that food down all the time.

As for carbs, I've learned that my body doesn't like pasta, rice, bread and other starches. That sucks because I love my Captain Crunch cereals. So, instead I chow on oatmeal and old-fashioned whole oats which is also a good source of fiber. I also eat sweet potatoes, mixed vegetables and broccoli.

The Cost Of Size

Here is something no one tells you. It takes bucks (money) to get BIG! Have you ever noticed how expensive it is to eat "clean?" But if you want to eat junk, you're food bill is a lot lower. Go figure. I guess our government wants us to be lazy and fat. A bodybuilder's diet is expensive. Who cares! For hardcore freaky status we do what we have to do to achieve greatness.

Most people think it's all about steroids. It's not. It's about training, how you train, and nutrition (how you are eating, and supplementation). If you got the guts to make the journey into the fields of mass production then, in no time, you'll no longer be a hard gainer.


Remember bodybuilding is a science. So, if you're looking to take your physique to the next level, this is what you do. Analyze. And re-analyze. When it comes to nutrition, most are uneducated. But, if you want to be huge and strong then stop asking questions and take my advice. Hardcore training and eating with proper nutrition combined with monthly supplements, will help your gains come fast and intense. So, eat, and give me one more rep!