20 Things To Bag For Fitness Competition!

While standing backstage you notice the contestant doing her routine in front of you is wearing the same outfit as yours. You had this outfit made especially for your routine weeks before the competition.

While standing backstage you notice the contestant doing her routine in front of you is wearing the same outfit as yours. You had this outfit made especially for your routine weeks before the competition. Where did she get that outfit? You stand there lost and a little upset.

This feeling of hopelessness and despair happens in a fitness competition at one time or another. Preparing for competition is hard and stressful. There are many factors to take into account. One way to relieve that stress is packing the right stuff in your bag. Here are 20 things to pack for eliminating those potential problems.

1) Costumes: Fitness competitors may wear any suit of their choice for the Fitness routine. Bring two different outfits for your routine. This is a good idea so you'll have a backup in case one becomes stained with all that makeup, and oil or God forbid, it rips. Or the obvious, someone has the same outfit. Even if your routines are different, the Same outfits don't make it original.

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2) Keeping it Together: Bring some Bikini Bite or spray glue to fasten your suit down. This will prevent embarrassment via exposure. Remember, photographers are always at the shows, even though a slip might get you a better score.

3) Music: Your routine music must be recorded on a cassette tape rewound, cued, and ready to play. Bring three tapes. Yes! Three tapes. And, just in case, place them in three different places. You never know, the original could be lost or damaged then where would that leave you? So, get three tapes made up.

4) Walk Man: Bring a Walk Man so to listen to your routine music for practice while you wait for your turn to go on stage.

5) Tanning Stuff: Bring lots of oil, a Bronzer, Dream Tan, or Pro Tan. The lights on stage are very bright and could wash out any definition that you've worked so hard to obtain. Make sure too that your face makeup is dark enough to match your skin. You do not want what is commonly called "ghost face" on stage which, it-seems, so many pros do. Besides it makes for awful pictures.

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6) Footwear: Heels and sneakers are two things that you cannot be without when getting ready to step on stage. There is always that chance that a heel could break, or your sneakers could get stained. Bring an extra pair of sneakers and heels that match your fitness competition outfits. Don't be too flashy with your heels you don't want the judges to immediately look at the eyesores on your feet, you want them to look at your body and say "Wow!" not your heels. And let's not forget the evening get together most competitions have after the shows. Bring a couple different heels that go well with that sequin or everyone's favorite dress - the black skimpy one.

7) Towels: Bring a couple of small hand towels to help clean up from makeup, and coloring touch-ups. Remember, those lights on stage are very hot, and you will workup a sweat. One bath towel for the after show shower too.

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8) Food: Pack your bag full of snacks. Make sure you have plenty of good carbohydrates to keep you going through the morning pre-judging and evening rounds of competition. Carbohydrates are important for keeping your energy levels peaked through the day and evening, so not to get sluggish or tired.

9) Water: Some sodium free water like Evian, or your special flavor. The water is to sip during check-in and to replace fluids that you will loose during the fitness routine round. Even an electrolyte replacement drink like Gatorade or Sport Aid would be a good idea too.

10) Posing outfits: Like your routine outfit, it is a good idea to bring an extra posing bikini, either the same color or the second best color you like. Two suits should be mandatory for packing procedures.

11) Makeup: It is a good idea to pack an extra brush, comb, hair spray, curling iron, hair dryer, and other items for back stage primp and prep. The makeup that you've been using for stage lighting and your presentation should also be packed in a special zip lock bag or some other form of non-leak proof bag.

12) Jewelry: Make sure you have the right jewelry for the symmetry rounds and for the evening after the show.

13) Toiletries: Bath gel, body lotion, hair ties, soap, shampoo, and other body and face products are good to have for after the show.

14) Evening Wear: If you plan on going out after the show, which you will, you might want to pack a fresh change of clothes. You should properly show off all that hard work and dedication. Remember, magazine photographers and writers are hanging out in the audience, back stage, at the contest hotel and the designated contest party place.

15) Money: Boy, this is a no-brainer. A little extra cash goes a long way.

16) Props: Well we can't fit that pole or Harley motorcycle in the bag but we can make sure you have those gloves, knee-pads, colored socks, and hair clips. All those little extras that make the difference.

17) Yourself: That's right. Don't forget to bring yourself to the competition. No, I'm not saying stuff yourself in the bag, well, maybe. What I mean is, if you have any 8x10 photos of yourself put them in a zip lock bag. And let's not forget your business cards or promotional flyers. You never know, you just might need them.

18) A Picture Taker: Don't forget a camera to preserve those memories and even a Camcorder to video tape the show for your own use.

19) Support Crew: If you can it's best to bring as many friends and family members with you. Also, it helps to have that special person who can help apply those final touches.

20) A Good Attitude: You've worked hard to achieve your level of Fitness, so make sure you portray yourself with sportsmanship and a good attitude regardless of your placing. This is the number one item you should pack into your bag. We are all competing to have fun, and, of course, to win. But, no one likes someone who demonstrates arrogance or poor sportsmanship.

Make sure your bag is packed with everything and anything you can think of. No matter what level your competing at, remember to pack the essentials into yours. Let's make sure your competition experience is a fun one. So, get packed and make sure it's in the bag!


Seasoned veteran Fitness competitor Amy Fadhli packs all the necessary things in her bag. "I would carry to the venue from the hotel in my bag: makeup kit, hair products, shoes for all rounds, costumes, routine tapes (2), oil, camera, portable tape player with headset, cash, water, food & energy bars, cell-phone, pump-up bands, towel, and most importantly, lots of prayers & faith."

British Colombian Fitness Champion Ocean Bloom says all she needs is the important essentials like makeup, costumes, music & props, a walkman, an extra towel, and a clean outfit for after the show.

What does IFBB Fitness pro Theresa Hessler put in her gym bag..."usually extra workout clothes to change into after a cardio session (I am a trainer so I like to be dry for my next client - LOL), a towel, bath gel, body lotion, my walkman, a book, hair ties and I think that about does it."

Fitness model Cynthia Bridges say's she's very serious and conservative in the gym! She adds to the gym bag Victoria's Secret Pear lotion and Body spray..."so that I do not offend anyone if I get really sweaty. I also add an extra sweatshirt to tie around my waist in the event I have to do any type of bent-over exercises such as barbell bent over rows or stiff leg dead lifts. That way I don't reveal anything inappropriate at the gym (unless of course I am in front of someone really cute then I may lose the sweat shirt for a minute). Just kidding!"