Two Headed Monster - A Blueprint For Erecting Enormous Arms!

In gyms across the world, a large percentage of bodybuilders train biceps in hopes that it'll make their arms larger. They usually train biceps with everything available in their arsenal.

In gyms across the world, a large percentage of bodybuilders train biceps in hopes that it'll make their arms larger. They usually train biceps with everything available in their arsenal. It boggles my mind when I see individuals trying to curl a bar loaded to 135 pounds by swinging, bending and wrenching the body into interesting positions. Why? Is it ego? Well, it sure isn't biceps strength.

This procedure does not use biceps strength. You are only using momentum to get the weight up, not the bicep muscle itself. Please, don't get me wrong. You are using muscles. But, this form of curling does not emphaSIZE the biceps.

Building scientific, tree trunk biceps makes the imagination grow wild. And proper approach to arm development is the key to size and strength gains.

The Biceps Brachii has two muscles. Hence the word BI meaning two. Now, you wouldn't think so with the round, full-bellied mound that protrudes upward when contracting the biceps into a peak. But, there are two muscles. The Biceps Brachii is composed of two parts: the short portion or internal area and the long portion is the external area of the arm. It allows the arm to perform external and internal rotation, or supination and pronation. There are some bodybuilders who are able to split the biceps muscle directly into two sections when in contest form. One such noted bodybuilder for his "split" biceps was Boyer Coe. Who is Boyer Coe? Well, for you youngsters, he was a Mr. Universe and top Olympian contender back in the early 80's. He was also the co-host, for several years, on the ESPN FLEX magazine workout. Boyer Coe had the most pronounced biceps split in the business. It looked as if someone took a pencil and just drew a straight line across his arm. How does one get such a pronounced biceps split? Great genetics helps, and so does a strict diet. But, most of all, a blue print in biceps training is the creative factor for building the two-headed monster.

So, does it matter what exercises you do to build up the two headed monsters? Should you be fancy and scientific? No, not at all. Just use plain old fashion iron pumping exercises to erect your arms into thick bulging masses that look like a pair of legs protruding out of your shoulder sockets. I think I painted a pretty nice picture of the arm monsters of today. Arm size, of today's top bodybuilders, averages over 20 inches and some beasts measuring in the 22 plus range. Training intelligently, utilizing lots of intensity, and with proper technique is the only way that will build your Biceps into enormous sizes.

This 'blue print' for monster arms consists of nine total sets of three exercises, three sets per exercise. Train your Biceps once every five day's. Each exercise should begin with two warm-up sets using light poundage's. Warm-up sets are very important to your blue print arm building. They create proper mental and body positioning. Then add weight as needed to each work set, and wait at least 90 seconds in-between each set. For each set use a weight that you can easily perform 12 reps with, and then begin your working sets. A working set begins with a weight that places a resistance against the muscle making it work harder. I couldn't explain it better, or in more laymen's terms. Each set should be done until muscle fatigue, or positive failure. Do not perform any extra reps, forced reps, or cheat reps, not just yet. Stay focused on performing 12 good solid reps on each set.

The first exercise in your assault on monster arm development is the Seated Cable Preacher Curl used with a straight bar. Using the low pulley on the cable cross-over machine, place a preacher bench in front of the cable, and then attach a straight bar to the cable. Take a close grip to medium grip and do full, medium speed curls. Cable machines give an even tension throughout the curling movement, while a narrower grip emphasizes the contraction to the outer biceps head. During the motion always stop for a second at the top, and contract the muscle. Execute 3 "working sets" and do 12 reps per set. Keep the weight the same throughout the sets, or add weight slowly to each set, but still complete 12 full reps per set.

Seated Alternate Dumbbell Curls are the next exercise in this monster building phase. Sitting on the edge of a flat bench curl one dumbbell at a time. Begin with the palm towards the body and then turn the wrist as you curl the dumbbell upward. This places the dumbbell in a palm up half way through the movement, supinating the biceps, which works the brachialis and the outer head. Do not twist the dumbbell outward or do anything fancy with the curl. Unlike the Preacher Cable Curl, where the weight stays constant throughout the sets take 5 pounds increments on each set on this exercise. Perform 3 "working sets" with 12 reps each. As an example, start with 20-pound dumbbells, then 25, and so forth. If a five-pound jump is too much for you, then wait until you are capable of performing 3 sets of 12 reps each, before moving up in weight.

Standing Barbell Curls is the basic meat-and-potatoes exercise for developing strength and overall mind-blowing mass in the biceps. There are so many different variations to this movement that it boggles the mind. But, basic, straight standing barbell curls are done with your feet about shoulder width apart, placing your hands in a medium grip or a little wider, locking your wrists, and then curl the bar right above the pectorals and your chin to receive maximum contraction. Also, make sure you bring the bar all the way down, extending your arms to full length, none of that elbow bent stuff, and always remain firm and tight with your elbows nicely tucked to your sides throughout the movement. Execute 3 sets of 12 reps. Gradually add weight every week, not every set. Once a week take slow five pound jumps, but do not place weight on the bar that you are incapable of performing your 12 full reps. No cheat curls, and definitely no swinging the bar to get it up either.

THE 'BLUE PRINT' IS COMPLETE. Behold, The Monster!
Your arms will develop into mounds of rock if you concentrate on the movement of the biceps muscle, and use the correct exercise blue print that's been offered. Squeezing and concentrating, on correct biceps exercise angles, is the only way for scientific, two-headed monster development. Give it a try for three months. No egos, and give me one more rep, then watch the monster's peak!