Back To The Barbells: Chady Dunmore's Top 3 Motivation Tips

Struggling to motivate yourself for those early morning or after work workouts? Bikini pro and fitness model Chady Dunmore shares three motivation tips that will get you back on schedule!

You leave work after an extremely stressful day. Even though your bag is in the car, you are just not motivated to go to the gym. You're tired, crabby, and just want to relax in front of the television before calling it a night. It is easy to get into the cycle of talking yourself out of your workout every day. You're not alone. Motivation levels fluctuate. That's just the nature of the beast.

Two-time WBFF World Pro Bikini Champion and spokesmodel Chady Dunmore falls into the same ruts as the rest of us. "People often ask me how I stay motivated," Dunmore says, "Just because I'm in shape doesn't mean I always have the motivation to go the gym!"

As a single mom with a packed professional schedule, she can relate to your busy life. Luckily for you, Chady has some helpful tips for staying motivated if you're finding it hard to get the gym!

1 / Be Accountable

Treat your workout like an actual appointment. "There are never better or worse days to schedule these workouts either," Dunmore says. "Expect your schedule to change." You may get sick, have kids to drive around, or deal with personal issues. If you constantly let outside factors affect your gym schedule, you may never get there. "Don't wait for Monday, January 1st, a competition, or a pool party to jumpstart your plan. Just start."

Chady also recommends hiring a trainer, finding a workout partner, or setting a goal date to keep accountable. It is harder to play hooky from the gym if someone is waiting for you.

2 / Have a Plan

Few things are more frustrating than milling around the gym unsure of which muscle groups you want to train on a particular day. This wastes valuable time and often leads to ineffective workouts that lack direction. Bad workouts may also make you feel unmotivated to go back for more.

If you can't afford a trainer who can help you create a plan, Chady advises workout classes or using online resources. You can follow pages like the FitMiss Facebook page If you can't afford a trainer or workout class to attend, there are plenty of online resources available. Dunmore recommends following online trainers. "Workouts can range from in-home beginner level to those suited for a fitness competitor," she says.

3 / Get Energized

Make sure you put the right fuel in your body before you hit the gym. "Whether it is food, a drink, or a supplement, a pre-workout meal plan will help you feel energized for your workout," Chady says.

Dunmore explains that carbohydrates with some protein are best for fat burning. "The body will use whatever energy is available to get you through a workout, including carbohydrates. If you don't fuel yourself to sustain the work then your body will turn to alternate sources of energy, like your lean muscle."

She suggests that something easy to digest is best. "Forty to sixty minutes before you train, make a protein shake with a piece of fruit like a banana or 1/3 cup of oatmeal with some berries. Both are great ways to kickstart your workout."

Pre-workout supplements and drinks can be helpful as well. "Try adding one to your pre-gym ritual and see if it helps," suggests Chady."They can improve performance, strength, endurance, energy, and focus."