Female Transformation Of The Week


Ladies, have you made a dramatic change either by gaining muscle or by losing all the weight you have been hoping for, if so, send in your pics, stats, what got you started and why and you could be next week's winner! Criteria is as follows:

Criteria To Enter

  • Pictures (Before & After)
  • Stats (Before & After)
  • Why you decided to change your body!
  • What got you started?
  • When and how long it took you!

This section on Bodybuilding.com will be updated once a week and winners will be contacted via e-mail!

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  • Body Transformation: Natural-Born Instructor

    Jessica left the military because of recurring seizures. After moving states, giving birth and burning the baby fat, her only recurrence is in her training regimen!

  • Lisa Nelson Dropped 40 Pounds To Be A Healthy Example For Her Kids!

    It took Lisa Nelson 1 year to fully recover from a horrific car crash. Busy with 2 children, Lisa decided once and for all to take control of her health and her life. Learn more about how Lisa dropped 40 pounds and has kept it off below!

  • Body Transformation: Never Surrender

    Annemarie suffered the loss of failed training, but when her diet and exercise finally matched up, she achieved the results of her dreams. See how she took the stage!

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Agatha Peszt!

    Strangely enough, it was a picture taken with Mickey Mouse that was the wake-up call for Agatha. Find out how she lost more than 70 pounds with a little help from some pole dancing.

  • Body Transformation: The Family Fat-Loss Plan

    When Jen’s uncle passed away, her whole family chose to get fit, but Jen took it to a higher level. She lost 35 pounds and got on stage!

  • Body Transformation: Fitness Manager

    Angela had a reputation to uphold. Her credibility as a fitness center manager was weak due to her unhealthy habits. See how she made a 360 and traded in booze for barbells!

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Belinda Benn!

    After 3 months of continuous work, Belinda finally got a break to head for the beach. After finding out about the Flex Online Bikini Model Search, she decided it was time to get serious about her training and diet. Read on to learn how she shed the fat!

  • Transformation Of The Month - Debbie DeArmond.

    See how she went from 180 pounds to 125 pounds!

  • Healthy Vows -- Shed 50lbs With Your Spouse At Your Side!

    It took the urging of a loved one to finally make Sarah see that things had to change for the sake of her health and marriage. Read on to see how she found the support to change her body and life!

  • Body Transformation: Jennifer Collum Cremated 24 Percent Body Fat!

    Healthy nutrition and long-distance running helped Jennifer lose 40 pounds, but weight training finished the job. See what hardcore lifting did to harden her muscles!

  • Transformation Of The Week - Jackie Clark!

    From marijuana and aimless rebellion to eating healthy and lifting weights. See how Jackie made this amazing transformation of mind and body.

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Christina Franzen

    Christina started weight training in high school, but she never got serious until she had to go clothes shopping at a plus-size store. Learn how she dropped 52 pounds and began competing right here ...

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Michele D'Angona!

    Michele's fire was first lit when she looked at her physique and realized she wanted to be more than just 'average.' She set her sights on competition and got started on the journey of a lifetime. Read on to learn how she shed 15% body fat!

  • Candy Shed 20 Percent Body Fat To Compete For The First Time!

    Candy Sucik was so excited for her husband's 1st bodybuilding competition that she decided to pick a contest for herself! Find out how Candy dropped 20 pounds and shed 20 percent body fat to get competition ready for the first time!

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Wendy Page.

    Wendy started training simply to feel better and get some physical activity in her life. See how she boosted her energy and lost 24 pounds and 16% body fat! The weight and body fat loss was not the only thing affected. Check it out!

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Melanie Britto

    After Melanie left college, she put on a lot of weight. After a trip to the doctors office, she was mortified to hear that she weighed 170 pounds. Read on to find out how she turned her life around and befan competing ...

  • Body Transformation: Acrobat Is An Understatement

    Jennifer moved to L.A. in search of an entertainment career. She encountered a competitive industry that forced her to improvise and learn the power of fitness!

  • Transformation Of The Week - Stephanie Althea.

    After realizing she did not want to live the life of an obese couch potato Stephanie made the decision to change her lifestyle. Learn about her story here and how she made a grand transformation.

  • Body Transformation: Liz Coached Herself To A 114 Pound Fat Loss

    While in school Liz was tormented because of her weight. Rather than let it rule her life she chose to be proactive. Read on to see how she became a fitness fanatic and lost over 100 lbs!

  • Dell Shed 18 Pounds And Completely Changed Her Body!

    Dell was tired of feeling sick and depressed so she chose to be proactive and change her lifestyle. Read on to see how she kicked her body into gear!

  • Break The Curse Of Emotional Eating.

    Sasha Brown knew it was time to get her nutrition under control when stress-eating caused her to put on weight. See how Sasha changed her body with a little motivation and help from Monica Brant's fitness camp.

  • Body Transformation: Lifting For A Better Life

    Lisa shocked her body into reality and lost 60 pounds with Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer. Now she's hooked on fitness and determined to show other women how it's done!

  • Body Transformation: A Model Transformation

    Kelsey’s wake-up call was seeing “175” staring back at her from the scale. First, she cleaned up her diet. Then, she lost the weight. Now, she looks like a model and competes in physique contests!

  • Maureen Ashley Lost 22 Pounds And Gained Self-Confidence She Needed To Step On Stage!

    Living as a personal trainer, Maureen knew that she needed to get in shape to give her clients someone to look up to. Read on to learn how she shed 22 pounds and began competing!

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Christina Adler Lost 28 Pounds And 15% Body Fat!

    After the birth of her second daughter, Christina's physique took a turn for the worse. So she decided to join a pilates class and get her life back on track. Read on to learn how she shed 28 pounds right here!

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Jennifer O' Conner!

    The stresses of college left Jennifer eating for comfort and gaining weight. But after her boyfriend decided to become a bodybuilder, Jennifer gained the motivation she needed to hit the gym. Read to learn how she lost 115 pounds and began competing ...

  • Body Transformation - Managing The Monster: Active Living With MS

    When disease strikes, it's no picnic. Gillian saw MS weaken her body and limit her dreams. She couldn't even feel her feet. One day she dared to run. She hasn't stopped since.

  • Body Transformation: Feminine Muscle

    Karina was unsatisfied in a skinny body that made her uncomfortable. But she wanted more than muscles. This Latvian beauty had a checklist that included healthy and sexy too!

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Sylvia Dempsey.

    Sylvia's transformation began when she realized how beautiful the ladies looked up on stage. She knew this would be great challenge for her so she set out to get in shape. During this time she lost 51 pounds and 25% body fat!

  • Laurie Poe Lost 61 Pounds And Fell In Love With Bodybuilding!

    Laurie Poe was determined to lose her post pregnancy weight and become a healthy example for her children. Read on to see how she changed her nutrition and exercise regimens in order to lose the weight for good!

  • Maria Shed 30 Pounds And Competed In Figure!

    Maria Steward had always relied on good genetics, but she decided it was time to take her body to the next level: competition quality. She read the transformation stories on Bodybuilding.com - and then wrote her own!

  • Body Transformation: Striving For More In Singapore

    The pressures of an elite Asian society drained Melissa of self-confidence. She deteriorated mentally and became bulimic. Her resurgence was nothing short of astonishing!

  • Body Transformation: Camille Shed The 'Senior 80'

    As the stress of her senior year in college led Camille to make poor diet choices, the pounds began to pile on. That's when she decided to take action.

  • Body Transformation: Sohee, So Hot

    Sohee suffered from two eating disorders. She exercised madly, but just didn’t know how to do it right. Once it clicked, she kicked her EDs and gained 30 pounds!

  • Body Transformation: Naturally Transformed

    Being a vegan and trying to gain muscle is a daunting task. Transforming naturally drew Portia to Skip LaCour’s training challenge and started her on a path to a new life!

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - J'nea Muller.

    J'nea did not have time to exercise because she had to take care of ten people in her house that included two sets of twins. Well that all changed ... See how she managed to lose over 40 pounds and regain the energy she had.

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Sarah Bell Lost An Amazing 125 Pounds And 25% Body Fat!

    Sarah knew she had hit rock bottom when she went to visit a friend in Virginia and her friend didn't recognize her. Read on to learn how Sarah decided enough was enough and got motivated to lose 125 pounds!

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Sondra Hopkins

    Sondra was always in good shape, but after she had her baby, she let herself go. So after committing to a contest, she dedicated herself to fitness and lost 20 pounds. Learn how she did it right here ...

  • Body Transformation: Melody Decena Wyatt Went From Baby Body To Hard Body!

    Melody discovered the effectiveness of heavy lifting after giving birth to her daughter. See how she torched her baby fat and dominated her first competition in a ripped body!

  • Body Transformation: Jen Martinez Made A Fitness Commitment!

    Jen's junk food addiction was no match for the intensity she committed to healthy living. Get the formula that helped this Brit cut fat and build muscle!

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Taylor Willis.

    Taylor is a personal trainer and has always been athletic but not always in shape. She knew she could do better and did just that after attending her first Phat Camp. Learn about her journey and how she went from 150 to 120 pounds.

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Ksawera Usman.

    Ksawera was unhappy and self conscious when she was overweight and tried everything to lose it. Learn more about her life changing journey and how she went on to lose 80 pounds!

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Wendy Noggle.

    Wendy was always in the gym training but when she found out what her cholesterol levels were she knew change was in order. Learn how she lost 22 pounds, lowered her body fat and more right here!

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Kelly Harsha!

    Kelli was tired of wearing a larger size than her husband, so she decided to do something about it. She set a date for a competition and began training and dieting. Read on to learn how she lost 140 pounds!

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Meagan Hesham Shed 62 Pounds Of Post-Pregnancy Weight!

    During her pregnancy, Meagan found herself eating tons of junk food. After her baby was born, she knew she wanted to get her fit, athletic body back. Read on to learn how she lost 62 pounds of post-pregnancy weight right here!

  • Transformation Of The Month - Stephanie Greiner.

    See how she went from 270 lbs to an amazing 147 lbs!

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Erica Finegold!

    During Erica's pregnancy, her weight slowly crept up on her. Before she knew it, she was the heaviest she had ever been and unhappy. Read on to learn how she made the decision to turn her life around, shed 55 pounds and set her sights on competing!

  • Body Transformation: Ripped Mom Rocks A Hard Body!

    Aaris traded drive thru convenience for weight room dominance. She added to the definition of motherhood and represents a growing movement toward healthy living!

  • Body Transformation: Jessica Rocks A Defined Body!

    Post-partum depression backed Jessica in a dark corner. See how fitness pulled her into the light and onto the figure stage!

  • Transformation Of The Week - Angie Hills.

    Angie has always been active and interested in fitness but with the training came more junk food. With the help from a trainer she was able to change all of that. Read on to learn more ...

  • Tina Shed 38 Pounds With Hard Work And Dedication!

    After graduating high school, Tina realized that she was uncomfortable with her physique, so she decided to do something about it. Read on to learn how she shed 38 pounds with hard work and dedication!

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Laura Johnstone!

    Laura had always been interested in training but never had the structure. Read on to learn how she lost 49 pounds and made it to the competition stage!

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Hilary O'Connor!

    Hilary was overweight when she joined the Military. Then, after her pregnancy, she decided it was finally time to get in shape. After yo-yo dieting for years, she turned her attention to lifting and the pounds began dropping off her body!

  • Body Transformation: Strictly Fitness

    Ann’s years as a Marine taught her gym discipline. After the Corps, she struggled to adapt to a new way of life. See how she persevered and rekindled the fire on stage!

  • Jacqueline Went From Yo-Yo Dieting To Competition Prep And Cut 24 Pounds And 16% Body Fat!

    Jacqueline was tired of starving during the week, binging on the weekends, doing endless cardio and still looking fluffy! Read on to learn about her fitness journey and how she dropped 24 pounds and 16% body fat below!

  • Body Transformation: Life Science

    Sandra beat cancer, survived a divorce, finally achieved her competitive dreams and set a superb example for her young daughter. See how she cut to a size 4!

  • Body Transformation: Celeste Became A Trophy Magnet!

    Celeste fell in and out of love with fitness in college and gained 30 pounds. Her resurgence came when a friend motivated her to compete. Now she can’t stop winning!

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Carla Hampshire.

    Carla has always been passionate about bodybuilding but never considered herself as someone who would compete. See how this changed as she began a strict program to reduce body fat down to 10% and a healthy weight of 100 pounds. Check it out!

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Cathleen Kronemer.

    Cathleen, at 5-foot-4 and 107 pounds, has been fighting eating problems and had to spend some time in a treatment center. See how she make a dramatic comeback and eventually went on to compete successfully in competition!

  • Body Transformation: Bianca White Finally Found Her Form

    Bianca struggled with body image issues and eating disorders. He metabolism suffered for it. Fitness finally helped her score her best body!

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Dana Ford.

    Dana was always active and played sports like basketball and track. After awhile however she ran into some problems and was not happy ... Learn how she lost 45 pounds in this great transformation!

  • Julie Comer Lost 40 Pounds By Embracing Fitness And Changing Her Life!

    Julie was unhappy with her body and her diet so she decided that she needed to make a change. Read on to see how Julie transformed her life and lost 40 pounds!

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Teresa Hunt.

    Teresa first realized she was completely out of shape and fat after looking at some vacation pictures. This was the deciding motivation that helped her lose almost 50 pounds and a whole lot of body fat. Check it out!

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Dara Garza.

    Dara was always a chubby kid and really hadn't done anything about it until she saw the pictures. See how - at only 5-feet tall - she managed to lose more than 60 pounds by training hard!

  • Melissa Shed 80 Pounds And Is Taking The Fitness World By Storm

    Melissa wanted to get back into the fit and healthy lifestyle after having her son. Read on to see how with the help of her coach she shed 80 pounds and got back on stage.

  • Monica Shed 57 Pounds And Changed Her Life!

    Due to the stresses of a busy work schedule Monica let her fitness take a backseat. Read on and see what reignited Monica's drive to get back to lose weight and get back in shape!

  • Female Trainsformation Of The Week - Melita Jagic!

    Melita decided to get healthy after realizing the road she had been traveling led her to become the heaviest she had ever been. So after learning discipline and consistency, she's lost more than 40 pounds. Learn how she did it right here ...

  • Julie Michaelson Shed 27 Pounds And Stepped On Stage At Her First Competition!

    After Julie's twin daughters were born in 2006, she was introduced to heavy weight training and set her sights on a competition. Read on to learn how she shed 27 pounds right here!

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Shivati

    BodySpace user Shivati has made an amazing transformation by learning more about nutrition and choosing an activity that made her feel very good. See how she went on to lose over 40 lbs and 20% body fat!

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Fekisha Miller.

    Fekisha has always wanted to compete but never made time to do it. Well she finally realized the right time will never come unless she makes time. See this great transformation and how she lost 14 pounds!

  • Jacqueline Curl Shed 43 Pounds To Prepare For A Figure Competition!

    After learning about figure competitions, Jacqueline decided that it was her goal to compete one day. Read on to learn how she shed 43 pounds right here!

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Michele Wile.

    Michele Wile made an amazing transformation, losing nearly 77 pounds. She has since won the Texas Shredder Classic in the novice short class! Find out how she did it here!

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Kimberly Castle.

    Kimberly was in a ditch that many who work long distances from home find themselves in - she was eating out for almost every meal. Read on to see how Kimberly lost over 30 lbs. and 13% body fat!

  • Jennifer Shed 65 Pounds And Became Stage Ready.

    Jennifer wasn't content with her lifestyle and how she felt about herself so she made the decision to change. Read on to see how a visit to the gym lead to a weight loss of 65 pounds and a 5th place finish in Figure.

  • Body Transformation: Michelle Ditched Her Harmful Addictions

    Michelle fell into a deluge of drugs and alcohol to get with the ‘in’ crowd. When she broke free from her self-loathing, she lost 100 pounds and stepped on stage!

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Deanna Dupree!

    Deanna first decided to get in shape after realizing she wasn't comfortable in her body. So she decided to attend a fitness competition for motivation and began dieting to lose the excess weight. Learn how she shed 28 pounds and began competing!

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Vanessa Bailey!

    With the birth of her first child, Vanessa put on more than 70 pounds was at risk of gestational diabetes. When her second child was born, she decided it was time to get her body back. Read on to learn how Vanessa dropped 50 pounds and 18% body fat!

  • Body Transformation: Body Fat Meets Brute Force!

    Something had to give when Sarah quit drinking and discovered fitness. See how she eviscerated 17 percent body fat and reinvented her physique!

  • Body Transformation: 40 Pounds To Find Happiness And Confidence

    Nothing and nobody stopped Tiffany from achieving her goals. Improve your mindset and action will follow.

  • Elizabeth Shed 140 Pounds And Changed Her Life Forever!

    Elizabeth was overweight--and alarmed when she couldn't keep up with her daughter anymore. So she decided to take action for both their sakes. Read her amazing story, 140 shed pounds later!

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Maritza Rodriguez.

    After coming to the U.S. I started gaining weight because of all the junk food and the fact that I was not active. See how I lost 37 pounds and what size I am now able to fit in. Get motivated right here!

  • Danielle Reutter Lost 37 Pounds Of Post-Pregnancy Weight And Began Competing!

    After Danielle had her baby, she set her sights on a figure competition to motivate her to get back in shape. Read on to learn how she shed 37 pounds and began competing right here!

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Nancy Savaria!

    Nancy had always been the chubby girl in school, and in college she hit her highest weight ever. She decided she had enough of being fat and wanted to look hot. Read on to learn how Nancy dropped 65 pounds of fat!

  • Body Transformation: Nikki Lambasted Body Fat With HIIT!

    Nikki found confidence after winning a transformation challenge and used her martial arts experience to keep fighting strong. See how she kicked body fat to the curb!

  • Body Transformation: Gym Phobia Smack Down!

    Whitney couldn't go longer than 10 minutes on the elliptical before she packed it up and went home. See how she overcame her fitness fears and became empowered!

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Nathalie Richard Lost 15% Body Fat And Began Competing!

    In 2005, a back injury left Nathalie unable to workout, causing her to pack on some extra weight. Read on to learn how she rebounded from her injury, lost 8% body fat and began competing in figure!

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Heather Rawlins!

    The stresses of Heather's life caused her to pack on the pounds, leaving her with a less-than-perfect physique. But once she became dedicated to shedding the pounds, there was no stopping her. Read on to learn how she dropped 22 pounds and 13% body fat!

  • Johanna Lost 34 Pounds And Transformed Her Body To Compete In Figure!

    Johanna wanted to have a body like the ones she saw in the health magazines. With a little persistance she was able to make her fitness dreams come true and compete in her first competition. She how she did it!

  • Rebin Lost 100 Lbs To Become A Competitor And Role Model!

    Rebin wasn't content with her 75-pound weight loss and decided to go all the way to 100 pounds! See how she accomplished her goals and changed her life!

  • Body Transformation: Maribel Fuentes Found Mother Muscle!

    Maribel quit her career as a flight attendant to become a trainer after realizing the power of fitness. See the amazing details of her transformation here!

  • Female Transformation Of The Week - Dana Maney.

    Dana is a mother of two and a special education teacher. See how she lost 22 pounds and 10% body fat as she fought to get her body to look as good as she felt. Read on and see what her training and diet was like ...

  • Body Transformation: Goodbye Fat, Hello Fabulous!

    Sylvie didn't want to let food run her life any longer and chose to do something about it. She changed her world by shedding over 100 pounds and she's not finished yet. Check out her story!

  • Accountable For Success

    Rebecca got her metabolism back on track to attack unwanted fat, and went from a size 12 to a size 2 in just three months – take a look at how she did it!

  • Body Transformation: Transformation Double Take

    For most people, one transformation is enough, but Samantha went through it twice. She used many aspects of Bodybuilding.com to become a bikini champion and a fitness educator!

  • Jenny Grothe Shed 54 Pounds To Get Her Self-Confidence Back!

    After the adoption of her first child, Jenny began noticing that her physique wasn't what it used to be. Read on to learn how she changed everything and shed 54 pounds right here!

  • Body Transformation: Brandi Lost The Post-Pregnancy Pounds

    Brandi was depressed about the state of her body after giving birth to her son and knew that things had to change. Read on to see how this mom sculpted her bikini-ready body.

  • Valerie Took Charge Of Her Life And Lost 38 Pounds!

    Valerie wanted to change her body and become fit for life. See how she not only transformed her appearance but changed her life and accomplished her goals.

  • Krystle Kirby Shed 50 Pounds To Take Control Of Her Health!

    Krystle first began working out to give herself an edge as she aged, but with her family's history of disease, she knew it was time to get serious. Read on to learn how she shed 50 pounds!

  • Amy Barnes Lost An Amazing 340 Pounds And Learned How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle!

    Amy always struggled with her weight, trying diet after diet without any luck. Finally, she decided that it was time to shed the fat the healthiest way possible. Learn how she shed 340 pounds right here!

  • This Bikini Competitor Is One Hot Mom

    Kim took 3rd in Bikini within a year of giving birth to her daughter. If she can do it then so can you!