Body Transformation: 40 Pounds To Find Happiness And Confidence

Nothing and nobody stopped Tiffany from achieving her goals. Improve your mindset and action will follow.

Body Transformation: 40 Pounds To Find Happiness And Confidence

Why I decided to transform

Transforming my body wasn't a hard decision for me. I knew it was something I had to do. I couldn't stand looking at myself in the mirror and seeing a whole different person — inside and out. I was still at my normal weight of 125 pounds for a couple months after my son was born, but for some reason my body wasn't letting me eat the foods I knew I could before. Six months after the birth of my son, I had gained an extra 40 pounds and weighed 165 pounds! I had to put a stop to my weight gain immediately.

My husband, who was an active duty Army soldier, still looked incredible from exercising all the time. He would go to the gym and lift weights every day before work, go to a full-time job, and then go to college at night. I knew if he could do it, so could I! Although I'd been athletic growing up, lifting weights was foreign to me, but my husband was able to teach me a thing or two.

It became competitive between us. Both of us wanted to see who could make the most gains, lose the most body fat, or run the fastest mile. It also became a passion, one that motivated me to pursue personal training and become certified as a personal trainer. I thought I would never be able to play ball with my son or race up and down the sidewalk. That insecure person was never me.

Now I'm able to go out with my husband anytime. I can put on an outfit or go to the gym and feel confident with myself. My son tries to go outside every day and play ball or walk up and down the street with me, because he knows I will always go! The healthy lifestyle is my life and I will never go back to the way I felt before. Life is too short to miss out.

Before /// 165 lbs
After /// 125 lbs
AGE 21 / HEIGHT 5'6" / BODY FAT 30%
AGE 22 / HEIGHT 5'6" / BODY FAT 12%

How I accomplished my goals

I needed to get in the gym to push myself hard enough to see results, but my first mental roadblock was getting over the fear of sending my son to the gym's childcare center. There are days I have to cut my workouts short because he is having a bad day, but I know that is no reason to give up on myself. I have to take those days with the good days and push forward.

The second hardest part was pushing past the pain of working really hard and not seeing the results I wanted. I would have to change up my eating and routine regularly to see a change. Each body is different, and my body gets bored really easily. I found myself changing workouts and eating patterns a lot!

What aspect challenged me the most

"It may be hard or frustrating, but I promise transforming your body will be worth it."

What challenged me the most was the temptation to cheat when I was out of my comfort zone, such as family dinners, going out to eat with friends, or having to take long car rides to different places. I had to learn how to meal prep, take my meals on the go, and make healthy choices at restaurants. It's hard to fight the urge to cheat when people around you are eating cake or hamburgers.

My future fitness plans

I have recently become a certified personal trainer. I would love to build my business and take on more clients. I am also in the process of competing in my first competition. I am nervous and anxious to see what the future holds for me!

Suggestions for aspiring transformers

You can do this! It may be hard or frustrating, but I promise transforming your body will be worth it. Your mind has to be in the right place, and then the work will follow. Stay determined and focused; do not let anything or anyone stop you. Meal prep, schedule your workouts ahead of time, and stay consistent with your supplements.

How helped me reach my goals

Honestly, seeing the transformations really helped me reach my goal, knowing that there were other people like me transforming every day. I can read articles about their process, what they were eating, and even how their workouts looked.

I would take pieces of what I read and apply it to my process! Also, really helped with my supplements. Their prices and shipping helped me reach my goal because I could afford the prices!


  • My husband, Adrian, and son, Cayden.
  • All my immediate family.
  • Photo Credits: Victoria and Michelle Eslick