Wide push-up

The wide push-up is a variation of the push-up with the hands wider than shoulder-width apart. It targets upper-body muscle groups including the chest, shoulders, and triceps, but has more of a chest emphasis than narrower-grip push-up variations. If wide push-ups lead to pain in the front of your shoulder, opt for a narrower version.


  1. Greater chest stretch and emphasis than narrower push-up variations
  2. Strengthens the chest, triceps, upper back, and shoulders
  3. Can be more difficult than narrower push-ups, depending on depth

Wide push-up Images


Wide push-up Instructions

Wide push-up muscle diagram
  1. Get in the push-up position on your toes with your hands outside your shoulders. Your body should be as straight as possible, maintaining the neutral alignment of your head. This is your start position.
  2. Allow your elbows to break as you lower your body toward the floor, keeping your body as straight as possible. Stop short of touching the floor, pushing your elbows out to your sides.
  3. Press back through your hands to full arm extension and repeat for the required number of reps.