Hex-bar deadlift

The hex bar deadlift is a variety of deadlift performed in a hexagonal barbell also known as a trap bar. The bar is held with a parallel (palms in) grip outside of the legs. It is biomechanically different from a barbell deadlift in that it lines up with a lifter's center of gravity, rather than placing the weight in front of their body. It activates all of the same muscle groups as conventional or sumo deadlifts, including the glutes, quads, hamstrings, lower back, lats, upper back, and grip.


  1. Many people find it more back-friendly than a barbell deadlift
  2. Can be performed in more of a squat or deadlift style, according to comfort and anatomy
  3. Can safely be done for higher reps than barbell deadlifts

Hex-bar deadlift Images


Hex-bar deadlift Instructions

Hex-bar deadlift muscle diagram
  1. For this exercise load a trap bar, also known as a hex bar, to an appropriate weight resting on the ground. Stand in the center of the apparatus and grasp both handles.
  2. Lower your hips, look forward with your head and keep your chest up.
  3. Begin the movement by driving through the heels and extend your hips and knees. Avoid rounding your back at all times.
  4. At the completion of the movement, lower the weight back to the ground under control.