Split Jump

The alternating lunge jump is an explosive bodyweight exercise that targets the lower-body muscles, including the quads, glutes, and hamstrings. It can be performed for time or reps in power training, and is also effective in any fat-loss or athleticism-focused workout.


  1. Builds muscular endurance and strength in the quads, glutes, and hamstrings
  2. Works core strength to maintain balance and upright position
  3. Cardiovascular challenge that also builds endurance, balance, and coordination
  4. Builds rebound and elastic strength in landing
  5. Requires no equipment

Split Jump Images


Split Jump Instructions

Split Jump muscle diagram
  1. Assume a lunge stance position with one foot forward with the knee bent, and the rear knee nearly touching the ground.
  2. Ensure that the front knee is over the midline of the foot.
  3. Extending through both legs, jump as high as possible, swinging your arms to gain lift.
  4. As you jump, bring your feet together, and move them back to their initial positions as you land.
  5. Absorb the impact by reverting back to the starting position.