Single-leg depth squat

The single-leg depth squat is an exercise targeting the muscles of the lower body, including the quads, glutes, and hamstrings. It is sometimes used as a substitute for the pistol squat, since it doesn't demand the same level of flexibility to perform. It is usually performed for low to moderate reps with a focus on proper form and control.


  1. Builds overall leg strength
  2. Builds core and hip stability and strength
  3. The range of motion can be limited to match ability level
  4. Effective substitute for pistol squats, skater squats, or other advanced bodyweight squat variations

Single-leg depth squat Images


Single-leg depth squat Instructions

Single-leg depth squat muscle diagram
  1. Position a box in a rack. Secure a band or rope in place above the box.
  2. Standing in front of it, step onto the box to a full standing position, letting your other leg remain unsupported. Hold onto the band for balance
  3. . Continue stepping up and down on the same leg before switching to the opposite side.