Single-cone sprint drill

The single-cone sprint drill is an agility drill that involves moving quickly around a single cone. It demands that an athlete start, stop, and change directions all in a short period of time and a small space. It can be beneficial for football players and other athletes where quick changes of direction are important.


  1. Teaches rapid acceleration, deceleration, and change of direction
  2. Teaches quick foot action and arm pumping
  3. Can be done with any small object

Single-cone sprint drill Images


Single-cone sprint drill Instructions

Single-cone sprint drill muscle diagram
  1. This drill teaches quick foot action. You need a single cone. Begin standing next to the cone with one arm back and one arm forward.
  2. Chop the feet as quickly as possible, blocking with the arms. Circle the cone, keep your knees up, with violent foot action.
  3. Rest after three trips around the cone.