Seated cable chest fly

The seated cable chest fly is an isolation movement that uses a cable stack and an upright bench to target the pectoral muscles. Being able to brace against a seat can help you stabilize your torso and focus on isolating the pecs, feeling them stretch and contract. It is usually used in combination with other presses or flyes to target the chest from different angles.


  1. Unlike dumbbells, cables provide constant tension, including at peak contraction
  2. Being able to push your torso against the bench can allow you to focus on the mind-muscle connection and move slightly more weight
  3. Quick and easy to switch weights for dropsets
  4. Stretches the chest muscles under load which can lead to greater muscle gain
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Seated cable chest fly Images


Seated cable chest fly Instructions

Seated cable chest fly muscle diagram

3 sets of 20,15,10 reps. Third set is a dropset: Perform 10 reps, then immediately reduce the weight and complete another 10 reps. Use resistance bands for added intensity if possible. Rest 60 sec.