Russian Bar Dip

The Russian dip is a chest-and-triceps building exercise that resembles the chest dip, albeit with a twist that makes it even harder and more taxing.


  1. Builds the chest primarily
  2. To a lesser degree, builds the triceps
  3. Weight can be added with a dumbbell held between the ankles or on chain around the waist

Russian Bar Dip Images


Russian Bar Dip Instructions

Russian Bar Dip muscle diagram
  1. Hop onto the parallel bars with your arms extended to support yourself, hands facing in. Keep your body vertical. This will be your starting position.
  2. Lower yourself under control till there’s about a 90-degree bend in your shoulders, your forearms still perpendicular to the bars. Immediately shift your torso backward by repositioning your forearms so they’re now fully atop the parallel bars, body still straight.
  3. Shift back the other way by moving your forearms to a perpendicular position once again. Contract your pecs and triceps to press back up to full arm extension, repeating for reps.