The rower is a popular gym machine that is serious cardiovascular work, but also targets the legs, back, and arm muscles. It's a great way build overall aerobic and muscular fitness. It is popular in CrossFit-style workouts, but is also a staple in all types of gyms. It can be equally effective for HIIT-style interval workouts or for longer-duration endurance work.


  1. The intensity is a direct reflection of your effort
  2. Works the entire body with little impact on the joints
  3. Great option for quick HIIT workouts
  4. Can measure time, distance, or calories burned

Rower Images


Rower Instructions

Rower muscle diagram
  1. To begin, seat yourself on the rower. Make sure that your heels are resting comfortably against the base of the foot pedals and that the straps are secured. Select the program that you wish to use, if applicable. Sit up straight and bend forward at the hips.
  2. There are three phases of movement when using a rower. The first phase is when you come forward on the rower. Your knees are bent and against your chest. Your upper body is leaning slightly forward while still maintaining good posture.Next, push against the foot pedals and extend your legs while bringing your hands to your upper abdominal area, squeezing your shoulders back as you do so. To avoid straining your back, use primarily your leg and hip muscles.
  3. The recovery phase simply involves straightening your arms, bending the knees, and bringing your body forward again as you transition back into the first phase.