Rack Pulls

The rack pull is a variation of the deadlift performed from an elevated height, either using boxes, safety pins, or the safeties in a squat rack. It targets all the same muscles as the deadlift, including the glutes, hamstrings, upper back, lower back, and grip. It can e used to strengthen deadlift lockout, but also as a deadlift alternative for people who can’t deadlift from the floor without pain.


  1. Builds strength and size similar to deadlift
  2. Can load heavier than a deadlift from the floor
  3. May be safer for elderly populations and beginners than deadlifts from the floor
  4. Can be performed at multiple different levels: below the knee, above the knee, or just a few inches from lockout

Rack Pulls Images

Rack Pulls image
Rack Pulls image

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