Shadow boxing

Shadow boxing is an exercise typically used in combat sports and fighting. However, it can also make a great cardio session for anyone to implement in a fast-paced circuit or as active rest. It is usually performed for time or rounds.


  1. Improves cardiovascular health and incorporates the entire body
  2. Helps with speed, power, and hand-eye coordination
  3. Can be performed anywhere, at any time

Shadow boxing Images


Shadow boxing Instructions

Shadow boxing muscle diagram
  1. Start with your feet shoulder width apart, and place your dominant foot forward slightly. Bend your knees, and hold your hands up near the top of your chest.
  2. Starting with your dominant arm first, punch your arm forward, slightly rotating your shoulder, and twisting at the torso. The target of your punch should be straight in front of you and at shoulder height.
  3. As you retract your dominant arm by pulling your elbow back to your side, extend your other arm forward, again rotating at the shoulder and torso. Make sure to keep your abs flexed during the movement.