Sled push-

The sled push is a conditioning exercise that targets the cardiovascular system and the muscles of the lower body. It involves pushing a sled along turf or another flat surface either for time or distance. Depending on your type of equipment, you may be pushing handles or straps in front of the sled. It can be used as part of a dynamic warm-up or for power training, as a finisher, or as part of a conditioning workout or circuit.


  1. Can load heavily with low risk of injury
  2. Works the muscles of the hips, glutes, and quadriceps
  3. Because there is no eccentric component to the movement, it results in very little muscle soreness
  4. Serious cardiovascular challenge and calorie burn

Sled push- Images


Sled push- Instructions

Sled push- muscle diagram
  1. Place your sled on an appropriate surface, loaded to a suitable weight. The sled should provide enough resistance to require effort, but not so heavy that you are significantly slowed down.
  2. You may use the upright or the low handles for this exercise. Place your hands on the handles with your arms extended, leaning into the implement.
  3. With good posture, drive through the ground with alternating, short steps. Move as fast as you can for a short distance.