Pallof press with rotation

The Pallof press with rotation is a dynamic variation of the Pallof press that incorporates weighted rotation away from the torso using resistance from a cable pulley. It is intended to build abdominal strength and teach proper bracing. It can be performed for time or for reps in the core-focused portion of any workout.


  1. Builds abdominal strength and muscle control
  2. Added engagement from the obliques during the rotation
  3. Can also be performed with bands if cables are unavailable

Pallof press with rotation Images


Pallof press with rotation Instructions

Pallof press with rotation muscle diagram
  1. Connect a standard handle to a tower, and position the cable to shoulder height.
  2. With your side to the cable, grab the handle with one hand and step away from the tower. You should be approximately arm’s length away from the pulley, with the tension of the weight on the cable. Align outstretched arm with cable.
  3. With your feet positioned hip-width apart, pull the cable into your chest and grab the handle with your other hand. Both hands should be on the handle at this time.
  4. Facing forward, press the cable away from your chest. You core should be tight and engaged.
  5. Keeping your hips straight, twist your torso away from the pulley until you get a full quarter rotation.
  6. Maintain your rigid stance and straight arms. Return to the neutral position in a slow and controlled manner. Your arms should be extended in front of you.
  7. With the side tension still engaging your core, bring your hands to your chest and immediately press outward to a fully extended position. This constitutes one rep.
  8. Repeat to failure.
  9. Then, reposition and repeat the same series of movements on the opposite side.

Tip: The closer you keep your feet together, the greater the core activation. A wide base puts the pressure on your legs instead of your core.