One Handed Hang

The single-arm hang is a static exercise that involves hanging from a bar by one hand. It is an advanced hanging exercise that demands above-average shoulder stability and grip strength, and may not be appropriate for some people. However, if someone is strong and stable enough to perform it, the movement can help build those same qualities.


  1. Easily regressed by doing single-hand switches on a bar
  2. Great stretch for the lats, shoulders, and pecs, and shoulder stabilization training for working arm
  3. Essential training for the one-arm chin-up and other advanced single-arm feats of strength

One Handed Hang Images


One Handed Hang Instructions

One Handed Hang muscle diagram
  1. Grab onto a chinup bar with one hand, using a pronated grip. Keep your feet on the floor or a step. Allow the majority of your weight to hang from that hand, while keeping your feet on the ground. Hold for 10-20 seconds and switch sides.