Single-arm kettlebell swing

The single-arm kettlebell swing is a popular exercise emphasizing the muscles of the hamstrings, glutes, and back. Because you are only swinging with one arm at a time, it is also uniquely challenging to the grip and core muscles. It is often used to train explosive power, for aerobic or cardiovascular conditioning, or in circuit training.


  1. Trains hip, glute, back, grip, and core strength
  2. Burns calories and creates a cardiovascular challenge
  3. Can be trained with lighter weights for endurance, medium weights for power, or heavy weights for strength
  4. Challenging to the core because the body has to resist rotation during single-arm swings

Single-arm kettlebell swing Images


Single-arm kettlebell swing Instructions

Single-arm kettlebell swing muscle diagram

Place one kettlebell between your feet. Push back with your butt and bend your knees to get into the starting position. Make sure that your back isflat and look straight ahead. Swing the kettlebell between your legs forcefully. Quickly reverse the direction and drive though with your hipstaking the kettlebell straight out. Let the kettlebell swing back between your legs and repeat. Switch arms with each set.

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