Single-arm kettlebell clean and jerk

The single-arm kettlebell clean and jerk is a popular kettlebell movement that is performed both in an exercise setting and competitively as a part of Russian-style girevoy sport. It differs from a clean and push-press in that the lifter "dips" under the weight rather than simply using the legs to help push the weight up. Each rep of a clean and jerk is preceded by a clean at the start of each set. It can be trained in traditional strength or muscle-building rep ranges, in circuit or fat-loss training, or as part of a larger kettlebell combination or complex.


  1. Momentum from the legs powers the weight through the toughest part of the press
  2. Allows you to put more weight overhead than a strict military press or push-press
  3. Full-body training that challenges the lower body as well as the shoulders, arms, back, and core
  4. Cleaning the kettlebells to the rack position trains the hips, core, and back muscles
  5. Serious cardiovascular and conditioning challenge

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Single-arm kettlebell clean and jerk Instructions

Single-arm kettlebell clean and jerk muscle diagram
  1. Hold a kettlebell by the handle.
  2. Clean the kettlebell to your shoulder by extending through the legs and hips as you pull the kettlebell towards your shoulder. Rotate your wrist as you do so, so that the palm faces forward.
  3. Dip your body by bending the knees, keeping your torso upright.
  4. Immediately reverse direction, driving through the heels, in essence jumping to create momentum. As you do so, press the kettlebell overhead to lockout by extending the arms, using your body's momentum to move the weight.
  5. Receive the weight overhead by returning to a squat position underneath the weight.
  6. Keeping the weight overhead, return to a standing position. Lower the weight to the floor to perform the next repetition.