Kettlebell pass-through lunge

The kettlebell pass-through lunge is a dynamic leg and core exercise in which a lifter passes a weight under their front leg during lunges. It is a unique coordination challenge, but also challenging to the musculature of the abdomen, lower body, shoulders, and upper back. It is most commonly performed for higher reps, such as 10-15 reps per side, or for time. It can work in circuit-style workouts, or in lower-body or full-body time-efficient training.


  1. Forces the core to stabilize while the limbs move
  2. Trains strength in the legs, hamstrings, and glutes one side at a time
  3. Significant cardiovascular challenge and calorie burn
  4. Excellent full-body coordination exercise

Kettlebell pass-through lunge Images


Kettlebell pass-through lunge Instructions

Kettlebell pass-through lunge muscle diagram
  1. Stand with your torso upright holding a kettlebell in your right hand. This will be your starting position.
  2. Step forward with your left foot and lower your upper body down by flexing the hip and the knee, keeping the torso upright. Lower your back knee until it nearly touches the ground.
  3. As you lunge, pass the kettlebell under your front leg to your opposite hand.
  4. Pressing through the heel of your foot, return to the starting position.
  5. Repeat the movement for the recommended amount of repetitions, alternating legs.