Lateral cone hop

The lateral cone hop is an agility drill that involves jumping over cones or other short hurdles side to side rather than front to back. It can be performed for reps or for time and can be beneficial for track athletes, basketball players, or any other athletes who need explosive lateral power.


  1. Trains explosive lateral power and jump height
  2. Builds multidirectional power and coordination
  3. Can be done with hurdles, cones, or any other small object

Lateral cone hop Images


Lateral cone hop Instructions

Lateral cone hop muscle diagram
  1. Position a number of cones in a row several feet apart.
  2. Stand next to the end of the cones, facing 90 degrees to the direction of travel. This will be your starting position.
  3. Begin the jump by dipping with the knees to initiate a stretch reflex, and immediately reverse direction to push off the ground, jumping up and sideways over the cone.
  4. Use your legs to absorb impact upon landing, and rebound into the next jump, continuing down the row of cones.