L-sit chin-up

The L-sit chin-up is an exercise targeting the back, biceps, core, and overall upper-body strength. It is considered significantly more difficult than standard chin-ups, and as such, is often performed for relatively low reps, such as 5-8 reps per set or less, with a focus on strength and form.


  1. Serious isometric core work
  2. Builds strength in the back, biceps, and shoulders
  3. Carries over to higher pull-up reps

L-sit chin-up Images


L-sit chin-up Instructions

L-sit chin-up muscle diagram
  1. With an underhand, shoulder-width grip, hang from a pull-up bar, then elevate your feet by bending at the hips so that your legs are now perpendicular to your torso. Your abs should be isometrically contracted to hold this body position. This will be your starting position.
  2. Contract your biceps and lats to pull your chin over the bar in a smooth motion, then release to descend just short of full arm extension. Repeat for reps.