Seated finger curl

The seated finger curl is an exercise targeting the muscles of the hands and forearms. It is popular with rock climbers and other athletes looking to build forearm size and strength. The range of motion is tiny, but done for moderate to high reps, these will definitely make the forearms burn.


  1. Great for building forearm size and strength
  2. Also works the wrists directly
  3. Great for burnout sets at the end of an arm workout­­­­­­­­

Seated finger curl Images


Seated finger curl Instructions

Seated finger curl muscle diagram
  1. Hold a barbell with both hands and your palms facing up; hands spaced about shoulder width.
  2. Place your feet flat on the floor, at a distance that is slightly wider than shoulder width apart. This will be your starting position.
  3. Lower the bar as far as possible by extending the fingers. Allowing the bar to roll down the hands, catch the bar with the final joint in the fingers.
  4. Now curl bar up as high as possible by closing your hands while exhaling. Hold the contraction at the top.