The skip is an exercise that builds power and explosiveness in the legs. It's commonly performed by children and in gym classes, but is also great for working the legs and hip flexors, making it a favorite warm-up for athletes who need to explode vertically.


  1. Classic dynamic warm-up for athletics and training
  2. Trains jumping muscles including ankles, hips, and legs
  3. Simple, effective bodyweight movement for a conditioning circuit
  4. Requires no equipment

Skip Images


Skip Instructions

Skip muscle diagram
  1. Start in a relaxed position with one leg slightly forward. This will be your starting position.
  2. Skip by executing a step-hop pattern of right-right-step to left-left-step, and so on, alternating back and forth.
  3. Perform fast skips by maintaining close contact with the ground and reduce air time, moving as quickly as possible.