Elliptical trainer

The elliptical trainer is a popular machine for cardiovascular training without the significant impact on your joints of running. On many machines, you can adjust the resistance level to make the movement more difficult for all four limbs. The elliptical is a mainstay in most commercial gyms, and can be equally effective for HIIT-style interval workouts or for longer-duration endurance work.


  1. Cardiovascular training with little joint impact
  2. Most machines allow you to increase the resistance and incline
  3. Increases stamina and cardiovascular health
  4. Great tool for achieving fat-loss goals

Elliptical trainer Images


Elliptical trainer Instructions

Elliptical trainer muscle diagram
  1. To begin, step onto the elliptical and select the desired option from the menu. Most ellipticals have a manual setting, or you can select a program to run. Typically, you can enter your age and weight to estimate the amount of calories burned during exercise. Elevation can be adjusted to change the intensity of the workout.
  2. The handles can be used to monitor your heart rate to help you stay at an appropriate intensity.

Ellipticals offer convenience, cardiovascular benefits, and have far less impact on joints than ground-based cardio such as running. A 150 lb person will burn on average 387 calories in 30 minutes, compared to more than 450-700 calories running. It’s recommended that you use the arms on the elliptical to create more movement, if your elliptical has them.