Dumbbell seated box jump

The dumbbell seated box jump is an explosive exercise that builds the quadriceps as well as overall lower-body strength and explosiveness. All you need is a box, a bench, and a light dumbbell. Performing it from a seated position eliminates the stretch reflex in the lower body, forcing you to generate more power. This is an advanced move, so consider starting off with box jumps or squat jumps before progressing to this.


  1. Builds and strengthens the lower body
  2. Builds serious full-body explosive power
  3. Excellent contrast movement with heavy squats or deadlifts

Dumbbell seated box jump Images


Dumbbell seated box jump Instructions

Dumbbell seated box jump muscle diagram
  1. Position a box a couple feet to the side of a bench. Hold a dumbbell to your chest with both hands and seat yourself on the bench facing the box. This will be your starting position.
  2. Plant your feet firmly on the ground as you lean forward, extending through the hips and knees to jump up and forward.
  3. Land on the box with both feet, absorbing the impact by allowing the hips and knees to bend.
  4. Step down and return to the starting position.