Depth jump box jump

The depth jump box jump is a plyometric exercise that entails jumping off one box, dropping into a squat, and then jumping up onto another box. These are all performed fluidly to complete one rep. Depth jumps have been a staple of high-level athletic programming for decades. They are usually performed for low reps with a focus on power and technique. If they hurt your knees or back, consider performing box jumps or squat jumps instead.


  1. Builds elite-level leg strength and power
  2. Improves all-around athleticism
  3. Increases vertical jumping ability

Depth jump box jump Images


Depth jump box jump Instructions

Depth jump box jump muscle diagram
  1. For this drill you will need two boxes or benches, one 12 to 16 inches high and the other 22 to 26 inches high.
  2. Stand on one of the two boxes with arms at the sides; feet should be together and slightly off the edge as in the depth jump. Place the other box approximately two or three feet in front of and facing the performer.
  3. Begin by dropping off the initial box, landing and simultaneously taking off with both feet.
  4. Rebound by driving upward and outward as intensely as possible, using the arms and full extension of the body to jump onto the higher box. Again, allow the legs to absorb the impact.