Close-stance dumbbell front squat

The close-stance dumbbell front squat is a popular exercise for targeting the muscles of the lower body, the quadriceps in particular. Holding dumbbells in the racked position also works the core and upper-back muscles to maintain posture while the lower body moves. Because the amount of weight you can use will be limited by what you can clean to the rack position, this movement is usually performed for moderate to high reps, at least 8-12 reps per set or more. If this movement hurts your knees, try performing it with a wider stance.


  1. Serious work for the legs, glutes, and hamstrings
  2. Encourages good hip mobility to reach full depth
  3. Adds a challenge to the upper back, shoulders, and core to maintain proper posture

Close-stance dumbbell front squat Images

Close-stance dumbbell front squat image
Close-stance dumbbell front squat image


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