Pass-through stretch with band

The pass-through stretch with band is a popular move to build and maintain mobility in the shoulder joint and to strengthen the muscles of the upper back and rotator cuff. It is common in CrossFit and Olympic lifting training and is usually performed as part of a warm-up or paired with movements in a workout. It can also be performed with a PVC pipe or dowel if a band isn't available.


  1. Mobilizes shoulder and boosts blood flow in shoulder stabilizer muscles
  2. Pulling outward against the band increases shoulder stability
  3. Gripping a band may be more comfortable for some people's shoulders than gripping a fixed object like a PVC pipe

Pass-through stretch with band Images


Pass-through stretch with band Instructions

Pass-through stretch with band muscle diagram
  1. Start off by standing with your legs together, holding a bodybar or a broomstick.
  2. Take a slightly wider than shoulder width grip on the pole and hold it in front of you with your palms facing down.
  3. Carefully lift the pole up and behind your head.

Remain aware of your lower body alignment. Keep your stomach muscles tucked in and your lower back muscles contracted to avoid arching your lower back.