Burpee to pull-up

The burpee to pull-up is a variation of the bodyweight burpee in which the jump at the top of each rep leads into a jumping pull-up. It is popular in circuit-style and metcon workouts.


  1. Boosts the cardiovascular and strength challenge of burpees
  2. Additional work for the core, back, and arms
  3. Full-body training requiring no equipment other than a bar

Burpee to pull-up Images


Burpee to pull-up Instructions

Burpee to pull-up muscle diagram
  1. Begin standing under a bar with your legs shoulder-width apart. This will be your starting position.
  2. Descend into a squat by pushing your hips and butt backwards. Continue down until the upper legs are at or just below parallel to the floor. Inhale as you perform this portion of the movement.
  3. Place your hands on the floor and kick your legs back so you end up with your stomach and thighs on the floor. Your elbows should be bent. This should be done quickly.
  4. From this position, press up like you're doing a push-up and push your hips up. Jump your feet under your hips and begin to stand as you prepare to jump up.
  5. Finish the movement by jumping in the air and bringing your hands over your head to grab a strong hold on the bar. Immediately pull yourself up until your chin is just above the bar. This is one repetition.
  6. Descend from the pull-up by allowing your arms to extend and then let go of the bar to return to the ground. Repeat for recommended number of repetitions.