Body Triceps Press Using Flat Bench

The bodyweight triceps press is an arm movement that involves performing overhead presses in a face-down position on a Smith machine or other raised bar. It is a surprisingly difficult movement that hammers all three heads of the triceps and can easily be scaled upward or downward in difficulty by moving the bar.


  1. Effective low-rep strength work for triceps
  2. Stretches and targets all three heads of triceps, including long head
  3. Surprising core work
  4. Adjust height upward to make easier, downward to make more difficult

Body Triceps Press Using Flat Bench Images


Body Triceps Press Using Flat Bench Instructions

Body Triceps Press Using Flat Bench muscle diagram
  1. With your body perpendicular to a flat bench, extend your feet well out from the bench, gripping the edge with your hands just outside shoulder width. The top of your head should be about 6 inches behind the plane of the bench’s front edge. This will be your starting position.
  2. Keep your body rigid, bending at the elbows to slowly lower your head so that it dips below the bench to fully stretch your triceps. Your body should almost be in a straight line just above the floor.
  3. Contract your triceps to press back up to the start position, fully extending your arms. Repeat for the designated number of reps.