Alternating Renegade Row

Also known as Commando Row, Renegade Row, Row from Plank, and Push-up Position Plank Alternating Row.


Alternating Renegade Row Images


Alternating Renegade Row Instructions

Alternating Renegade Row muscle diagram

  1. Place two kettlebells on the floor about shoulder width apart. Position yourself on your toes and your hands as though you were doing a pushup, with the body straight and extended. Use the handles of the kettlebells to support your upper body. You may need to position your feet wide for support.
  2. Push one kettlebell into the floor and row the other kettlebell, retracting the shoulder blade of the working side as you flex the elbow, pulling it to your side.
  3. Then lower the kettlebell to the floor and begin the kettlebell in the opposite hand. Repeat for several reps.