Xvest: More Than Just A Weighted Vest!

With a firm understanding of the concepts of our training firmly in place and the realization that true all-around athletic development will come via adherence to the wheel of conditioning it is definitely time to get to some real-world work ...

With a firm understanding of the concepts of our training firmly in place and the realization that true all-around athletic development will come via adherence to the "wheel of conditioning" it is definitely time to get to some real-world work with the Xvest.

What Is The Xvest & Why Should I Use It?

The basic premise of the XvestTM is simple: training or exercising the body at a heavier weight than it is accustomed. With specific exercises or broad conditioning exercises, you will find your conditioning level will improve and your strength, power and quickness will also improve.

This is accomplished by "tricking" your body, brain and your muscles to believe that you have gained this extra weight but in actuality, you have not. When the XvestTM is removed, your body will function and react as if the weight is still there; therefore, you have tricked your mind and muscles and will be capable of producing power, speed, quickness and endurance at levels that you might have never obtained.

The 2-piece clamshell design of the XvestTM is a feature based upon Orthopedic back braces that aid in the proper spinal alignment and support, which is non-existent in our competitors weight vests and is one of many features that makes the XvestTM superior to the rest.

We have taken two pieces and brought them together through shoulder strapping and lateral straps, which allows customizing the fit to your body and torso and proper placement of the weights, resulting in optimal center of gravity without restricting any type of range of motion. Only with proper alignment and fit can you attain a safe and effective workout that delivers results.

If you incorporate the XvestTM into your plyometric, speed, agility, plyogility, conditioning routines or exercises, your gains and performance will be greatly improved.

By overloading your body while doing those exercises at an increased weight than you are accustomed to, you are creating a new level of resistance and reprogramming your muscles fibers and your brain to work under this new level of resistance. Once the XvestTM is removed, you are able to reap the benefits of that resistance that the brain and muscle fibers believe they are functioning at; therefore, vastly improving your overall endurance, quickness, vertical jump, strength and speed.

Typical Errors With Weighted Vest Training

First though, I need to quickly to point out one of the typical errors with weighted vest training is the simple, almost pedestrian use of it as a merely resistance with isolation movements (i.e. dips, chins). That is a grave error as it can and should be in used in many facets of training, from compound explosive lifts, to General Physical Preparation.

Within training circles, it is quite common to be asked, what is the "one thing" that should be done in training.

And as I am so known to say "the one thing is the whole thing", emphasizing that there are no short-cuts and no "one thing" that will perfect your training.

"The use of the Xvest is possibly the most powerful tool in exercise training."

Yet at the risk of sounding to bold, with complete adherence to our "training concepts" and "the wheel", the use of the Xvest is possibly the most powerful tool in exercise training not merely for work within the gym but external use in passive daily wearing.

That is a decided "key" to training with the Xvest; the product can be used throughout your day in any setting with tremendous benefits. When employing the Xvest, the first step in our work is to wear it in our daily activities that you normally encounter. Starting slowly with roughly 5% of bodyweight for a few hours a day.

While it may seem like a small amount, it will impact upon you and you need to gradually build up tolerance but also be careful not to disrupt correct biomechanics - remember at all time's picture-perfect posture (re "concepts") must be maintained. Quickly the weight will build and the vest will be worn throughout the entire waking day, including training. This has been shown to have dramatic impact on force development within weeks of starting this training.

Xtreme Worldwide Xvest

The basic premise of the Xvest is simple: training or exercising the body at a heavier weight than it is accustomed.

Extensive research, notably performed by C. Bosco in the mid 1980s laid the groundwork of what he termed as a "hypergravity" training period and its impact is nothing short of startling. With common adaptation (considered at the neurogenic level) we gradually, over a period of months, build up to wearing up to 10-20% of bodyweight and the training effect has continued to improve.

What Others Are Saying About The Xvest

Charles Staley

    The Xvest is the ONLY choice for serious athletes seeking to dramatically improve their event-specific strength through the use of what the Soviets call 'special exercises.' This is more than just a 'vest' - it's a valuable piece of training equipment. You have to use the Xvest in order to fully appreciate how effective it is.

Mike Mahler

    I have been using the xVest for my daily walks, pull-ups and some pushups and I am very impressed. I will have some of my athletes test drive it next week when I am back in Santa Monica. I have tried several weighted vests and none of them are as comfortable as the xVest.

    This is a high quality product with a snug fit that makes the vest perfect for sprinting and bodyweight drills. Moreover, it allows a full range of motion that makes the vest perfect for adding resistance to pushups and pull-ups. Speaking of pull-ups, I was shocked by how much harder they were with the 40-pound vest.

    Much harder then having a 40-pound weight hanging from your waist. The vest is also great for turning daily walks into fat burning workouts. I recommend it highly for all serious athletes who are looking for a sports specific tool.

Chip Smith

    I have personally had the opportunity to train over 400 NFL Players. I am constantly searching the market for training aids that truly give our players the competitive edge."

    XVEST is without a doubt the finest training vest on the market. It is the vest of choice for all our players, from collegiate All-Americans to professionals. I highly recommend this vest to anyone wanting to take their program to the next level.

Jim Roberts

    George Morrison has developed the most innovative strength and condition weight vest to date. Through bold examination of highly effective training principles and extensive practical research he has created what promises to be the future standard of jump vests.

    Gone are the days of purchasing multiple vests to match different frame sizes. The X-Vest, with its fully adjustable straps, provides a custom fit for every athlete. Whether you are a coach striving to take your athletes to the next level, or an elite athlete looking to gain extra steps and inches above the competition, the X-Vest is the only vest to consider.

    Our nationally-ranked teams and All American athletes find the X-Vest a valuable tool in increasing speed, agility, quickness and vertical jump capacity. In fact, 10-12 inch increases in vertical jump are common improvements with our program. Our success improving athletic performance lies in the ability to prescribe specific functional exercises with precise training loads that elicit the highest possible force over the shortest period of time.

    The XVest provides the means to accomplish this goal. When in comes to enhancing explosive power, I reach for the XVest. It is one of the most important tools in my toolbox. No vest flies higher.

Pros That Are Using The Xvest


    Carolina Panthers
    Tennessee Titans
    Chicago Bears
    Indianapolis Colts
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    St. Louis Rams
    Houston Texans
    San Diego Chargers


    Houston Astros
    San Diego Padres
    Arizona Diamondbacks
    Anaheim Angles
    Chicago White Sox


    Houston Rockets
    Miami Heat


    US Men's Ski Team
    US Women's Ski Team
    US Men's Volleyball Team

    And much more ...

In our next installment, we'll take a look at application within training day environments.

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