Skin Care!

One good thing about oily skin is that it seems to be slower on the wrinkle process and usually tans evenly/nicely.

Did you know that the skin is the largest organ of the human body and has eliminatory property? Environmental pollution is very taxing to this amazing organ. They can create or aggravate skin disorders. That is why it is very important to protect, clean thoroughly and moisturize your skin daily! By doing this, you will help in the prevention of skin damage and wrinkles.

Beautiful healthy looking skin is important for the fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders that work hard for their amazing physique. Having a great complexion often improve the look of the muscles and definition.

Let me go over some of the most common skin problems and give you some advises on how to either avoid or threat them:

Acne: This is an inflammatory skin problem that is more prone to happen to men (as male sex hormone stimulates sebum secretion). Many factors contribute to acne: oily skin, stress, heredity, poor diet, drugs, bad fats consumption (hydrogenated, saturated...) You want to keep your body's " pH" under control (not too acidic or alkaline) as it can aggravate your acne problem.


  • *B complex: contribute to skin's health.
  • *Vit.A: An antioxidant and skin fortifier.
  • *Vit.E: Free radical scavenger.
  • *Vit.C: Helps in reducing inflammation.
  • *Vit.D: Involved in tissue repair mechanism.
  • *Zinc: Play a role in skin's tissue healing.


  • *Milk thistle: Liver's cell regenerator and blood cleaner. (N.B. your liver has over 600 functions in the body and play a role in hormone regulation).
  • *Echinacea: An immune system booster that has anti-viral/anti-inflammatory property.
  • *Guggulsterone: Said to promote skin's health.
  • *Burdock: May helps in many skin disorders.

Topical care:

  • *Green clay mixed with purified water and apply as a poultice/or a facial mask (if site of acne) is beneficial. You can also add 2-3 drop of "Tea tree oil" or "Lavender oil" to the mix if your skin is not too sensitive and irritated. Make sure that the essential oils are 100% pure!
  • *Witch Hazel has healing properties and is also an astringent if your skin is rather oily.

Dry skin: Winter months can be hard on the skin. They often upset the delicate balance of it. Dry skin is usually dull looking, flaky and prone to wrinkles. Here are some of the factors that contribute to dry skin: Low water intake, cold/wind, sun exposure, fad diet and more.Vitamins/minerals and other supplements:

  • *Vit.A: Act as a skin protector
  • *B complex: Protect nervous system and help fight aging of skin.
  • *Vit.C: Free radical scavenger that protects capillary.
  • *Vit.E: Anti-oxidant to help fight environmental stresses.
  • *Zinc: May help in the proper function of skins gland that produce oil.
  • *Selenium: Works in synergy with vit. E for skin protection.
  • *Glucosamine Sulfate: Important in the health of the skin and all connectives tissue.


  • *Aloe Vera: Soothes and moisturize the skin.
  • *Calendula: Nourish the skin and add moisture.

Topical care: Regular application of a quality skin moisturizer containing collagen, anti-oxidants and healing herbs is of great benefit. Try out Jan Tana's deep moisturizer (apricot) it is an awesome product, you will love it!

NB: Drink lots of quality water throughout the day to help in the rehydratation of your skin.
Oily skin: Don't you hate that "shinny look" resulting from excess sebum? This of course leads to clog pores and blemishes. Usually, the areas prone to this problem are the nose, forehead and chin. One good thing about oily skin is that it seems to be slower on the wrinkle process and usually tans evenly/nicely.

Vitamins/minerals and others supplements:

  • *Vit. A: Fights free radicals and protect skin tissue.
  • *B complex: helps skin to maintain good tonus
  • *Vit.E with Selenium: A Powerful pair of anti-oxidants.
  • *Zinc: Another helper in tissue repair.
  • *L-Cysteine: Contains sulfur, which is a big helper in many skin problems.


  • *Aloe Vera: For its healing properties.
  • *Horsetail: To nourish the skin.
  • *Borage (seed/oil): Said to be a hormone balancer, which can assist many skin problems.
  • *Flax (seed/oil): General skin health and tonus.

Topical care: *Apply Aloe Vera gel on skin as an astringent. *The use of Green Clay is beneficial to oily skin. In much the same way you would use it for acne, Make a poultice/mask and apply to the affected area. You can add 2-3 drops of Tea tree or Lavender oil, or a little bit of pure lemon juice to the mixture. This has the effect of tighten up the pores.

NB: Oily skin needs daily moisturizing as well. Don't try to dry out your skin surface by using harsh soap. Instead, have the proper skin care products and regimen that leaves your skin clean at all times.

Wrinkles: Large amount of sun exposure is said to be primary factor responsible for early wrinkle manifestation. Again, poor diet, smocking, alcohol abuse and heredity play a significant role in wrinkle formation as well. While you can't avoid them completely as they are a normal process of aging, You can certainly slow the process by using the right stuff.

    Vitamins/minerals and other supplements:
  • *Vit.C: helps in the formation of collagen to help maintain skin flexibility.
  • *Vit.E along with Selenium: Anti-oxidants that protect the skin.
  • *Vit.A: Helps in skin healing process.
  • *B Complex: The anti stress "work team", a great protection towards the aging process of the skin.
  • *Zinc: Also said to be a support in collagen formation.
  • *CoQ10: May improve circulation and is a potent anti oxidant.
  • *Vit.D: You want to avoid deficiency as it helps to slow down the aging process of skin as well.

NB: Collagen is a protein found in young healthy skin tissue and is responsible for skin tonus/elasticity.


  • *Horsetail: For the nourishment of your skin.
  • *Primrose oil/Flax seed oil/Borage oil: Very good for the skin as they are rich in Essential fatty acid.

Topical care:

      Look for skin products that contain these herbs, plants and other natural ingredients.

  • Calendula: For its helps in skin cell formation.
  • Collagen: To help regain/maintain skin elasticity/tonus.
  • Essential fatty acids (i.e. Primrose oil, Borage oil.) To help fight free radicals and nourish the skin.
  • Liposome: Bubbles that allow a deeper level of activity of the ingredients of the product you use.
  • Green tea extract: One of the greatest anti oxidant there is.
  • Avocado: Rich in Essential fatty acid.

Since exercise increase circulation and it is a must for skin improvement, be sure to stick to your workout routine.

Psoriasis: Scaly patches usually located on the back, legs and arms (elbows). While this is not contagious, it can be very disturbing. Psoriasis generally follows a pattern. Stress, cuts, sunburn and drugs are said to be among the triggering factors. You may want to check your fat intake if you are affected by this condition. You see, too much (bad fat) saturated and/or hydrogenated fat can be in part responsible for it. Make sure you consume healthy fat (i.e. flaxseed oil, olive oil...) daily but always in moderate amount.

Vitamins/minerals and other supplements:

  • *Vit.A: General skin health.
  • *Vit.C: Helps to build a strong immune system, which is crucial to fight psoriasis.
  • *Vit.E: Protection of your skin.
  • *B Complex: To tame stress, helps to regain skin health state.
  • *Shark cartilage: Said to helps stop the spreading of this condition.
  • *Zinc: To help your skin to heal better/faster.
  • *Kelp: Is rich in minerals and beneficial for skin nourishment.
  • *Lipotropics factors: Aids in the metabolism of fat.


  • *Milk thistle: A liver and blood cleanser that contribute to the detoxification of the body.
  • *Echinacea/Goldenseal: Immune system enhancer. (Don't take Goldenseal for more than 2-3 weeks at the time.)
  • *Essential fatty acid (flax seed oil, primrose oil..): Good for skin disorders and helps prevent/fight dryness.
  • *CLA (Conjugated Linoleic acid): Help enhance the immune system, said to carry anti-cancer properties, anti oxidant activity.

NB: You may want to check out this product called "Daily Detox" by Human Development technologies. There is a complex of plants in it that will help you restore your health by cleaning up your liver/blood.

Topical care: An extract (alcohol free) of Goldenseal and Echinacea can be rubbed in the affected areas of your skin.

Light & infrequent sun exposures can be beneficial to reduce scales.

It is recommended to use an integrated approach to treat any skin condition: By combining a healthy diet, regular exercises, supplementation and the use of the appropriated skin care products you maximize your chances of getting better and faster results.

Go ahead and try out these tips to get the complexion you deserve!