Dr. Squat is the Co-Founder and President of The International Sports Sciences Association, an organization specializing in certifying personal fitness trainers worldwide, SportStrength Co., manufacturers of highest quality gym and fitness equipment, and ProPower, Inc., manufacturers of high quality performance supplements.

Dr. Hatfield has written over 60 books (including several best-sellers) and hundreds of articles in the general areas of sports training, fitness, bodybuilding and performance nutrition. Dr. Hatfield (a.k.a. Dr. Squat), won the world championships three times in the sport of powerlifting, and at age 45 performed a competitive squat with 1014 pound at a body weight of 255 pounds (more weight than anyone in history had ever lifted in competition). He is a training consultant to professional sports teams, sports governing bodies, and world-class and professional athletes. To learn more about Dr. Squat, click here!

    Click here to see a real-video of Fred's world record squat of 1,014!

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Vital Stats

Career Best Lifts

    Squat: 1014 pounds
    Bench: 523 pounds
    Deadlift: 766 pounds
      Total: 2303
    Snatch: 275 pounds
    Clean and Jerk: 369 pounds
    Olympic Lift Total: 645 pounds
      Supertotal: 2948



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Let Dr. Squat guide you through a 21 week workout program with exercises and printable logs to increase your vertical jump.
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But let's get into Olympic lifting, and try to discern whether there's something there for athletes from other sports to benefit from.
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Lets take a look at what powerlifting can do for your speed and strength training. Learn the facts from Dr. Squat!
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Let’s look for answers systematically (there are some, you know!). First, let’s talk about stress. Then about how it causes overreaching and overtraining, and what to look for as markers. Finally, how can we control it.
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No exercise or training program proceeds completely free of difficulty. There are certain problems you're bound to encounter and, therefore, should be on the lookout for...
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The International Conference on Overreaching & Overtraining in Sport is held each year. At this years conference, they brought up some great ideas! Find out what they are and how does it effect you...
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Squats can be bad for your knees. Period. But they're good for everything else. So good, in fact, that you MUST do them.
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The 80 day cycle described below allows five days recovery between all squat & bench workouts, and either four or six days between deadlift workouts-four following light squat workouts, or six following heavy squat workouts.
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Millions of people workout every single day, but not everyone is doing their exercises correctly with proper form. Check out some of the common exercises and what people are doing wrong on them and how to change it to make sure you have perfect form on your exercises.
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Success in sports performance can be likened to the practice of Zen masters. The concentration is so complete, there is no consciousness of concentration. The player must be one with his sport in order to execute it to his/her optimal ability. Learn the strategies of bodybuilding success!
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Learn what Melatonin is, why you should take it, the benefits of taking it and everything else you need to know about it!
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Learn all about how high intensity training (HIT) was founded, the ten HIT commandments and the seven laws of weight training and much more...
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Learn the secrets of fat loss. Also, find out why diets fail, what causes obesity and what the Zigzag diet is and how it will help you lose fat!
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I swore that I'd never get involved in the steroid controversy again. After writing a book on the subject back in 1980, I got so much flak from both the Feds. But since I hear kids talking about juice and using drugs, it prompted me to write this article. Let's get to the meat of the issue. Kids and juice. Let's look at some down-to-earth philosophical issues as well as some research.
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So many people appear to have it in for Joe Weider. They say you were never a lifter yourself, your vitamins are crap, Muscle & Fitness is crap, you make too much money, you lie to kids about the gains they can make, and your statue really isn't you. Stuff like that. Learn the truth about Joe Weider. The myths are finally debunked.
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Because boxing is an explosive sport, ballistic training methods are especially effective during weight training for boxing. Learn how to improve your strength and agility for boxing!
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Find out what the science of bodybuilding means to Joe Weider, the history behind it, the beginning years and all about the Weider principles and where they came from!
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Some people tend to thrive on very little exercise, while others seem to be incapable of making gains no matter how hard, long and frequently they train. Learn how to design a program custom tailored to your needs.
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You see, this fitness thing we all love can't be crammed down people's throats like you would medicine to a sick animal. Most of us were young dogs learning new tricks when we adopted the fitness lifestyle. Learn the 5 stages ISSA teaches thier trainer's to be successful!
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