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Sean Hardge's Muscle Building Program

Sean Hardge doesn't take his training lightly to say the least.

Sean Hardge doesn't take his training lightly to say the least. With a military engrained work ethic, he pushes his body to the limits day-in and day-out to build massive amounts of muscle. You'll never see Sean make excuses; in fact that word doesn't even exist in his vocabulary.

"I keep lifting until I feel the muscle that I am targeting, and once I feel that muscle I attempt 2-5 more reps after that."

Sean trains heavy in the gym with compound movements because he always wants to pack on as much muscle as possible. He constantly reminds himself of the obstacles that he's overcome and where he wants to be in the future. That alone guarantees that Mr. Hardge will be in the gym everyday pushing weight around like it's his J.O.B.

If you want to build a rock-hard physique right alongside a stud like Sean Hardge, then join the masses and get crankin'.

Sean Hardge's Fitness Program
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I generally keep my rep range for most of my exercises in between 8-12 reps, but I prefer to lift for feel rather than just reaching pre-set repetition count.

I once heard a bodybuilder say, "I keep lifting until I feel the muscle that I am targeting, and once I feel that muscle I attempt 2-5 more reps after that".

This is how I build muscle.

Day 1: Legs

Day 2: Chest

Day 3: Cardio/Abs

Day 4: Back

Day 5: Shoulders

Day 6: Arms

Day 7: Rest


Sean Hardge's Personal Philosophy


"Supplementing is very important, because it helps me keep my body healthy."

When it comes to nutrition I feel it's important to have discipline in order to achieve a goal. My goal is to be lean year around, so I spend a lot of time eating a healthy diet all year long. I try to experiment with the way I prepare my meals, and make the food flavorful.

I do eat cheat meals sometimes, but try to limit them to every once in a great awhile. I might go 2 months without a cheat meal. I believe if the healthy meals that you prepare taste good then there is no need for a cheat meal.

Learning how to cook is essential to optimal fitness. When I prepare food for friends they are surprised that the meals I eat are in-line with my diet. Healthy food doesn't have to taste like a cardboard box.


Training efficiently is my main goal. I don't want to be in the gym sweating and training without gaining any progress. I use strict form on my exercises, and the movements that require explosiveness are still done in a manner that supports muscle growth.

I don't like to lift sloppy, because that's what causes most injuries in the gym. I normally use moderate weight to make gains. I also like the concept of time under tension, so I take my time with each repetition.

Read more in my BodyBlog Time Under Tension


Supplementing is very important, because it helps me keep my body healthy. Eating good is the first step, but I want to excel in the fastest and safest way possible. I take my physician's advice on good supplements that I should be using. I take a lot of vitamins and minerals along with pre and post workout supplements.

I think these kinds of supplements can boost a physique to the next level. I like to know what supplements actually work so when I use certain supplements I might go on a cycle with just that one supplement plus my vitamins.

I try not to waste my money by taking several supplements that do the same thing. The supplements that I select are based off my goals. If I want more muscle I use nitric oxide and testosterone boosters.

When I am cutting I like to use a thermogenic fat burner and caffeine. has a breakdown for anyone who is confused about what to take.

The first step is the goal. Once the goal is realized, then it's easier to hone in on the specific supplement that would best support that goal.

Sean Hardge's Fitness Programs
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