Hybrid Strength And Hypertrophy Training!

This is an advanced routine that takes advantage of load/deload phases, failure and sub-failure training, rest-pausing, weight load progression, etc ... Give it a go and see if it works for you. Good luck!


After years of trying different routines (DF, HST, DC, Upper/Lowers, Max-OT, Ultra High Volume, Low Volume High Frequency, Full body splits, etc. the list goes on). I have decided to put together my own routine that takes the things that have shown me the most benefit and puts them all together in a nice solid dual phase routine.

This routine takes advantage of the benefits of load/deload phases, failure and sub-failure training, rest-pausing, weight load progression, wave progression, high frequency combined with moderate volume and more.


    This routine is comprised of advanced training techniques, an unnatural amount of volume, and components that work for ME. I am not going to put money down that this routine will be all you hoped for and more, but I think you will not be disappointed.

    You will need a few things to do this routine successfully: experience, dedication, an above average recovery rate, the guts to want to train to failure, and the willingness to try some nasty volume work.


This routine is broken up into two eight-week phases.

Phase 1:

    The first eight-week phase focuses on a split that hits body parts twice every seven days, while employing a "3 workout" rotation that hits multiple body parts each session. The eight-week phase is broken up into two mini-phases, four weeks each, that focus on going from a low volume/moderate intensity effort, to a high volume/high intensity effort.

    This phase utilizes a 3-6 rep range that encourages failure in weeks three and four, and encourages using your heaviest weights, with constant progression. The purpose of this phase is to start in a 'deconditioned' state then rapidly accelerate to the fine line of overtraining, push slightly past it in weeks 4 and 8, and then reset.

Phase 2:

    The second eight-week phase focuses on a low-frequency split (one body part per week, one body part per session) that uses wave progression for four core lifts (for example: squats, deadlifts, bench, and shoulder press), and steadily increasing volume as you lower reps and increase weights each week for 3-5 other exercises for that body part (i.e.: 3 sets of 12 one week, 4 sets of 10 the next).

    Failure is not utilized in this phase, but heavy weights are. Volume will end up being high with heavy weights and low reps, but the buildup is gradual so your body will become accustomed to it, rather than overtraining like you would with the first phase's rapid buildup in volume/intensity.

Phase 1

This phase is meant to destroy your body twice during the eight-week phase. Strength and hypertrophy are both achieved through low reps (3-6), workload progression, increased volume/workload and increased intensity. You should slightly overtrain during the overload weeks. If you do not feel like you are flirting with overtraining, increase intensity.

  • Split
    4 days/week, MT/HF

  • Rep Range
    2-4 reps for squats, deadlifts, everything else 4-6 reps

  • Rest Between Sets
    2-5 minutes (i.e: as much as you need to hit each set as hard as possible, heavy as possible). Rest pauses are typically 15-30 seconds

Rest-Pause Video Guide:
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  • The Logbook

     Workout journal section
    Workout Journal Section
    Post your workout journal and progress in this section, feel free to update as often as you would like. You can also monitor other members as they share their experiences with the board.

      You will keep a log book starting at Week 2. You will note how much you were able to lift in each exercise. When that exercise comes around again you will beat it or match it (rep for rep, pound for pound). No maybes.

      If you fail to beat or match a previous lift two weeks in a row you need to drop it and insert a new movement in its place. This technique reinforces constant strength progression and eliminates plateaus.

      You will give the logbook a 'break' during your active recovery and baseline weeks, as they will be used for recovery and working back up to the failure workloads that begin in the load week. If you are up to it though, feel free to try to beat your heaviest overload week sets without hitting failure during your baseline week.

    Week By Week Plan - Weekly Training Schedule:

      Week 1 - Active Recovery:

      Week 2 - Baseline:

      • Mon: Legs, Calves
      • Tue: Chest, Shoulders, Tri's
      • Thu: Back, Traps, Biceps, Forearms
      • Fri: Legs, Calves

      Week 3 - Load:

      • Mon: Chest, Shoulders, Tri's
      • Tue: Back, Traps, Biceps, Forearms
      • Thu: Legs, Calves
      • Fri: Chest, Shoulders, Tri's

      Week 4 - Overload (Back, Traps, Forearms Get Hit The Most):

      • Mon: Back, Traps, Biceps, Forearms
      • Tue: Legs, Calves
      • Thu: Chest, Shoulders, Tri's
      • Fri: Back, Traps, Biceps, Forearms

      Week 5 - Active Recovery:

      • Same as Week 2.

      Week 6 - Baseline:

      • Same as Wweek 3.

      Week 7 - Load:

      • Same as Week 4.

      Week 8 - Overload:

      • Same as Week 2.

      NOTE: For weeks 5-8 you can opt to start with Week 3 if you wish to focus more on your chest, shoulders and tri's rather than legs. Upon completion of this 8-week phase start Phase 2.

    Phase 1 Week By Week Plan Overview:

      You will be rotating three workouts each week for a period of four weeks. This will allow you to hit each body part twice in seven days. After each 4-week 'cycle' you will start with a new body part for that first week as the starting workout (as shown in week five).

      This will allow you to place a new body part on each of the OVERLOAD weeks, thus giving each body part equal chance to get beat to h*ll. This is kind of confusing but once you 'get it' it makes sense. The active recovery week allows your muscles to get used to the routine, and to recover (in the case of week five).

      The load week introduces failure and increased volume. The beloved overload week will attempt to push you past that overtraining limit just a bit, forcing your body to adapt, by introducing more volume and training to failure.

      Week 1: Active Recovery
      Low Volume, Moderate Intensity
      (Utilizes Weights 80-90% Of Your Typical Workload)

        The purpose of this week is to recover from the previous overload week (if you did one), and to get used to the training schedule and exercises.

        You will use weights lighter than you typically work with, but will still get solid stimulation. This is the week where the most growth will occur if you are following up an overload week.

      Week 2: Baseline
      Moderate Volume, High Intensity
      No Failure

        The purpose of this week is to increase volume to a decent level. You will be utilizing workloads that are at a maximal effort for the rep range for that exercise (2-4 reps for squats/deadlifts, 4-6 reps for everything else). You will NOT hit failure on any sets, though.

      Week 3: Load
      Increased Volume, High Intensity
      Failure Once Per Exercise

        The purpose of this week is to increase volume, and to introduce failure into your workload. You will still be using heavy weights, but you will take one set to absolute failure (i.e: you stop knowing the next rep will bury you completely, or you need considerable help getting your last rep up). This week will prepare you for what is to come.

      Week 4: Overload
      Very High Volume, Very High Intensity
      Failure On Every Set

        The purpose of this week is to bring your body to the border of overtraining, then push it slightly. Your volume will be almost doubled compared to your load week, and you should try to hit absolute failure every single set.

        Rest-pause sets are utilized this week to push your body even more. You will not want to do another week of overload workouts again if you can complete this week.

    Week By Week Plan - Detailed Walkthrough:

    Conclusion Of Part I

    That concludes the first portion of my Hybrid Strength and Hypertrophy Training program. This should give you enough information to get started on the program.