Training & Nutrition Tips From Professional Sports Players.

Check out these awesome training and nutrition tips from professional sports players.

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Originally published in Muscle Media magazine.

Shannon Sharpe :: Recovery

Former Denver Bronco Shannon Sharpe on recovery:

"If I don't get enough rest between workouts, I don't grow. Plain and simple. Taking 24 to 48 hours to recover after a hard workout has really helped my gains in the weight room."

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                                      :: Seeing Results

Former All-Pro NFL Tight End Shannon Sharpe on seeing results:

"A lot of people will stop [working out] if they don't see results in a week. Well, you didn't get that big or out of shape in a week. Give yourself the same amount of time it took you to become the way you are... the thing is, you can achieve [your goals], but you have to be willing the pay the price."

Matt Hasselbeck :: Cardio

Seattle Seahawk Matt Hasselbeck on cardio:

"To make my cardio more interesting, I like to mix it up. Sometimes I run stairs or bleachers, or go for a run up the hills near my home."

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Larry Fitzgerald :: Weight Training

Arizona Cardinal Larry Fitzgerald on gaining mass:

"Regular weight training has made a huge difference in my blocking assignments, and it allows me to recover more quickly from injury. Coming into camp, I knew I would have to put on more lean mass while keeping fat off. I used Myoplex Sport to help me put on the healthy muscle I needed to compete."

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Evander Holyfield :: Nutrition

Former Heavyweight Champion Evander Holyfield on nutrition:

"Nutrition is very important. I eat around six small meals each day and drink plenty of water. If I wait too long in between meals, I don't perform well. This method works for me."

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Wally Szczerbiak :: Workout Philosophy

NBA Forward Wally Szczerbiak on his workout philosophy:

"I'm at the point where I want to be with my strength, but I would like to use weights to increase my speed and my explosive power. There's no real secret. it's just a matter of doing the work-the hard heavy lifts and feeling the burn. It's like anything else: you've got to put the time in."

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Adam Foote :: Extra Effort

NHL Defenseman Adam Foote on extra effort:

"Everyone did the extra work in the gym before and after practice. Even if it was just 10 extra minutes a day, we knew it was going to pay off at the end. Little things make us all better this year than we were the year before."